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A little bit different, maybe the ball tosses, I don't know, a little bit lower, perhaps, or just his body position is just to my eye just looks a little bit different. So I think he's made some adjustments there. Higgs Carter really played well. I loved how much he seemed to embrace the occasion and he's got great hands and great shot maker and Nadal did have to find a good level to beat him and he finished the match with the most incredible forehand winner up the line and we'll see what he says in his press conference, but I just think it's about match time and getting through matches and building for Nadal and overall it's probably a pretty positive night. Yeah, he's got Fabio Fognini next. Who will ever forget for nini coming back from two sets to love down to beat Nadal here a few years ago, what did fenni do today? He came back from two sets to love down to beat Aslan karatsev. Classic panini. So that's going to be really interesting to watch in a couple of days time, isn't it? Mind you, by the way, we've just heard the most astonishing raw coming from Arthur Ashe stadium where Naomi Osaka and Daniel Collins are playing. I think it was a Collins winner. They are in a first set tiebreak. It's 6 5 at the moment. Well, we're going to get on the bus in a little while after we've finished discussing the men and once we get back, we'll watch it on the bus and we'll hear about what's going on and we'll come back on and just to update you with who ended up winning that match. What else is going on in the men's draw at the moment? Cameron norrie of Great Britain was a winner 6 love 7 6 6 love over Benoit paire. You have thoughts on this match, don't you David? I have thoughts. I commentated. I commentated on sets one and three. And in those two sets, Benoit paire didn't win a game. And in those two sets, for large parts, Benoit paire was not trying. And honestly, I thought it was a disgrace. Watching what he was doing was a disgrace. I feel sorry for him. I know he's had a lot of problems. He's had mental health issues over the last couple of years that he's told us all about. And I understand them. I relate a feel for him. And you know, I don't want to jump to

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