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Your parents insurance come on what are we watching here where we we were hearing from teachers who are demanding that the governor we're demanding that the legislature give them what they want meet their demands and if they don't get that they're going to illegally walkout they're going to illegally strike and the voice of the union is twenty three years old and has not even served one full year as a teacher in the state what are we watching here this is insane to me it is insane to me that teachers are going to walk off the job on thursday it's like this cat is the pied piper i call them the david hall of arizona the pied piper in teachers who have been in the in the profession for decades are following this i don't i'm having a hard time with this and i'm having a hard time with one part of the of our government say yes we're going to do this and the other person you know what it's impossible cuts and tax increases i'll get your reaction at four fifty you are it's forty four minutes after the hour news talk five fifty kfyi time for east side west side traffic was steve geller leap how you bet you james eastbound santan freeway shown a lot of traffic arizona avenue out to gilbert road shame thing if you're taking the superstition home eastbound eastbound sixty sonal from rural to mesa drive still dealing with that car motorcycle crash in timpee.

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