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You would think you know somebody is the acc player of the year marvin bagley junior the third acc player of the year duke and maybe that's a negative that he did well at at do but you know no injuries he plays you know three can play on the perimeter he can shoot seems to have some good mobility offensive moves it feels like he has the fewest question mark we love the unknown luca danni all we're seeing is youtube highlights michael porter played thirty minutes i think maybe fifty minutes in his entire college career and i just saw where he could be moving up to number two in the draft sacramento kings with michael porter jr the third and you start telling thank yourself with this is trey young going to translate into the next steph curry even if he's a watereddown steph curry that still pretty good he's not the next steph curry in my opinion but you know here's a guy who has better ball handling skills passing skills than steph had coming out of college he does have range i just don't think he's the consistent shooter that steph was in college and then as certainly proven to be in the nba but you're looking at some of these guys and there's going to be probably everybody's looking now for the next donovan mitchell it used to be the draymond green now they're looking for hey can we get somebody like thirteen or fourteen or fifteen because before draymond you had quite leonard we're we're sort of looking for that guy in the thirteen to eighteen to twenty range or you know maybe you're looking at hey can we get a kyle kuzma these guys up top half to stick they have to be able to make an impact they have to be able to play right away it's when you have that pick a little bit later on out side of the lottery that's where you're gonna take a chance on somebody but the fact that michael porter jr third is going from fifty minutes in his career to maybe the second pick overall and got a bad back or at least he's had a bad back.

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