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We've all can be back to the corona extra pregame show here from ayman carter stadium in fort worth your day plaski get you updated almost scores going on around the big 12 conference at crazy game has reached the happens to water half chine thirty eight thirty plug hosby an offense guy will maybe not that old but used play it what do you make of a game like that of what what's the mindset of football team's win their in a game like that in its forty eight thirty eight at halftime selfishly as an offers some guy your excited because that may not probably already haddock a career day right now but ultimately which you know what you're going to have to show up every single play matters when it's thirty eight thirty eight their maker blazer maker blaze you're trying to rally your defense but from an offense perspective you know that you have you know you can't blink because is going to be a highscoring game well and that'll all data and who knows what's in store for the second atp there's a lot at stake there obviously roger ric that's about for first place with tcu also in the in the mix factor it was a fiveway tie for first place in the coppard standings coming into a fourway tie for first place in the copper standings coming in today's game would include in that the west virginia iowa state game and iowa state you know they're down twenty two nothing will greer was nearly flawlessly at one point twelve of thirteen couple of touchdowns well here comes the cyclones hanging in there they've got the ball down by seven they've got something out of kyle camp so they're going to make that a fourquarter game and you just have to horrible the chop matt campbell's done really since texas went up there it beat him seventy seven on a thursday night meanwhile they're that crazy shootout at lubbock today with kansas state winning it overtime 42 35 su35 24 red raider lead in the fourth quarter before case stay was able to get a field goal of that after tech mr sch work fuel goal wildcats come daggett a touchdown twopoint conversion with forty two seconds to go to force the overtime and they're doing it with now they're number three quarterback schuyler thompson alex dealt got knocked out of the.

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