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Or EPI, Use the symptom checker and identify epa dot com to start finding answers, Joe, We talked at the top of the broadcast about the lightning coming out, controlling their emotions and getting a good start. Do you think of the job? They don't have to get done it. Yeah, I do. Uh, you know again, The game is being called little closer than we see some of the other games, which is fine. I have no problem with that. The calls. They may have been the correct calls. So we've seen a little bit more special teams in this in this first period. High minor penalties in all of the first Montreal penalty killing is special, and they're just way they the way they fill the seams off is really something to to again. Tonight are the Canadians on Tampa Bay now. Two or 14 in this series, with the extra man playing the liking zone but chase down behind the net and nudged ahead by in. Ruda, who took one of those five minor penalties earlier in the period would like to get it into Montreal's salt and crushed ahead by Romanoff. He had a big goal in Game four, and it's pitchfork diagonally to the right corner. The Tampa Bay Zone by ol Armenia comes back around to him with a little help from Perry. But Armenia couldn't keep it in the zone. Now on the left side, Cat maroon, he had a goal in Game four as well Dump It in behind prices. The Lightning will turn and change. And the only true matchup we've seen in this first period has been the fourth line against the fourth line other that Cooper's just trying to roll everything. Evans chips it in for Montreal that the Canadians unable to recover possession, and that comes Steven Stamkos area pass off the boards to Ross Colton got to it at the bottom of the less circle and centered and coming back to fully knocked that out of harm's way. But in the corner stand post regains possession for Tampa Bay. He'll swing it around to the right point. Waiting. There is Turn it turn. It just keeps it on the kick plate behind the net again for samples had it knocked away by. Hopefully, good puck support. There's Cirelli keeps it alive. Colton gated back to the Tampa Bay Captain, and Stamkos finally has it dislodged Gallagher skates to center gets the red line chips it in and chases himself. Sirnak angles him off. Nice defensive play thereby turn act and Byron follows up on the porch. Yeah, Coleman had it knocked off his stick, but Sirnak follows up. And the Lightning throw it ahead to center. It will trickle into the Montreal zone kept out quickly by Shea Weber to know treated brutally at the blue line by McDonagh as he was knocked off, escape up to center right bouncing puck. Yanni Gord goes behind his back and finds Coleman in front. Just Miss Boudreau, who was driving to the net off the open, left wing elected and angles the puck back out center. I still no score under seven to go in the first period of Game five. Lightning and Canadians from Emily Arena down dollars, along with Joe Micheletti and the rest of our Sports USA crew so glad you could join us this evening, Anderson backhands it into the Tampa Bay zone and races in after the two goal game in Game four, including the overtime game winner. Caufield knocked off his skates with the puck to the slot picked up by Suzuki for Montreal. Back to the line, Surat with a shot past off the end boards came back to the right of Vasilevskiy. You stick it aside. Field behind the net written off the fucking Anderson tripped up on the back of the net as he couldn't get away from. Some are so point Curries the other way for the Bulls will backhand too deep into the Montreal zone. Efforts. Suzuki, who takes the hit but makes the play Sharon Rockets and a head room in the middle of the iced coffee across the line with Anderson, who pitched boards behind the net. McDonough there for the Lightning moves it quickly. The 11 year veteran Otto Wisconsin got it as far as the corner and Brayden point puts it back for turning turn it going to be flushed from behind his own net. Now lightning trying to finish changes so they'll get it deep. And they get it deep from the wrong side of the red lines, so that is icing. Ryan McDonagh, who has been on the ice for a long time trying to make a pass and was ready to make a change at the same time, but missed on the past and now has to stay on the ice here and sure knack of Had a long shift to say believe slight, slight advantage for Montreal as they get some fresh players on the ice stall out to take the face off a long time. Corn in the lightning side and from his years in Carolina in his career in the regular season stalled 75 points in 75 games against the light doesn't have a point. Yet, though, in this series and Certainly could use him to get hot. Armenia gets it back to the point long shot, looking at the far post for stall and very nearly got away from Vasilevskiy. That was Weber. We made the pass uplifted back and the Lightning's Joseph Matthews Joseph gets to It drops it back and Tyler Johnson coming in late off the glove of price and out of play a golden opportunity. Turned away by Carey Price. We remain scoreless in the first of Game five in conjunction with NBC Sports. You're listening to the Stanley Cup Finals on Sports USA. We'll be back after these local messages..

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