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Two uh yes yes one of the most recognizable guitar inge rose to any rock song ever since deaths tenor amazing as the song that was big part of my childhood my youth and then a big part of my adulthood because it opens man yeah exactly love that song jim neighbors passed away and i know everyone said jim neighbors is still alive but asked by where he wants to talk about a big part of our childhood that show was i mean he was on to shows that they ran constant occasion andy griffith and gomer pyle he got a spinoff from the andy griffith show he played gomer the gas station attendant on that y'all lay sure sure shares here sheriff taylor fourteen's go uh he got to spin off and went on to the gomer pyle u s m c was never show he joined the marines was on the air for just four years but it was in the top ten every one of those seasons and here's the beautiful thing he had twenty percent of all the syndication money after the fact he got rid he lived in luxury for the rest of his life here's the thing about jim neighbors who died at eighty seven he was from arkansas and he was the bad guy thing going on and that was his schtick as an actor but as a singer was a whole different thing in the village of of of records but first let's enjoy and this is from the very first episode of gomer pyle where he's joining the marines areas with sergeant carter.

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