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John Bailey. WJR traffic and weather first from the JR weather center might see a little lingering lights snow is keep those temperatures in the mid teens wind chill values below zero tonight, a few flurries and snow showers possible, low six and then tomorrow more clouds for the afternoon, a few flurries snow showers, high nineteen from the Weather Channel, I'm Jeff Eno on news talk seven six. Hi, I'm Jan, fingerling. With fingerling, lumber company after eighty eight years we've decided to retire enclosed finger during two thousand nineteen plenty of products. You're still on hand. But everything must be solved. Prices have been deeply discounted customers. Ruben buying now for spring and summer projects. Lumber plywood. Installation moldings doors, citing pavers and more have been discounted and they're selling at a rapid clip hardware as deeply discounted to debt cleaners and finishes are priced at fifty percent off. Stop by soon is open Monday through Saturday. Thank you very much for your business. It has been our pleasure to serve you. Free. Welcome back to more with Frank Beckmann on WJR coming to you live from public days at the North American International auto show sponsored by Chevrolet. Find new roads. Once again.

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