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Casual lit up screen you have a when the movies playing i don't know if i ever seen anyone with an actual phone out i have i think there is a little bit more leeway enduring family films for that kind of behaviour because their daughter all sorts of distractions happening with kids like screaming and in what not so i think it's a more forgivable environment while anyway the film when i saw episode 1 i saw the theater with your public dinner with a bunch of russia with kenan took off midday and went to go see it and the sound cut out you know like for five all know during that the pod broderick wow sounds really good said the whole theatre was making their own sound effects uh and that's that's how i exerience episode 1 i knew going to lucas i wouldn't have that kind of problem about you consider that a problem will you would have a problem of the screen turning off except the sound right this yes or no it was perfectly unfocused focus could sound quality weird that was your view house of watching a film lucasfilm won't was in focus i've examined that's all you want to hear for me today ici they are correct okay well weird question that lucas theater is much more intimate the most movie theaters smaller the most movie theaters did you feel like that was a movie that would be an enjoyed in a smaller theater verses the mega theaters at most of that will mostly see it adds easy now the bigger the better young obvious thing at nymex the saturdays at outrider he is uh see that is others am i wrong but i don't know i don't i i assume it is it is down thirty i just two one of those movies in three d no i think the tickets that i have for i max are in three d and they are here i don't want to begin units in three yesterday no i'll kent lucky good i wonder if that theater even supports three others i wonder if the pixar theater sports thirty eight by wouldn't it well i know that they're movies obviously are made also in three d versions yes so they must have to test it exactly what i dunno if if the like i would be very curious to know internally if on the hushhush if the directors actually prefer the truth.

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