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It on radio and Senator George Mitchell will be joining us in just a couple of minutes. But first we want to get the latest on the shutdown and the political impasse in in Washington. So joining us his Gabby or she covers the White House for politico. Gabby welcome to the program. Hi, thanks for having me on. Okay. So first of all give us a little update. As of today are there is there any any progress any further reaction from Democrats to what the president offered in his thirteen minutes speech. He gave from the White House this weekend. Well, what we've heard over the weekend since the president delivered. Those remarks offered up that latest proposal is basically near uniformity on both sides. Democrats are saying that they won't negotiate until the government is reopened. And essentially, the the the offer that the president made on Saturday is sort of a combination of already rejected proposals. So this idea that he might be able to trade temporary extensions for temporary protected status holders or extend the protections. That are currently in place for Dacca recipients in exchange for border wall funding, that's something that has already been thrown on the table and rejected by Democrats before an also President Trump himself rejected that last year when that was when a Dako for border wall. Funding proposal was was being discussed in the Senate. So they say that this is not, you know, they're not prepared to move forward on this as we heard from Senator. There are some Democrats who think this is a good starting point so long as the government is reopened first. And then they might be willing to approach deal like this for Republicans. However, they are moving forward with a vote this week Senator McConnell plans to introduce this Bill to the floor this week Republicans nearly uniformly back it, but it's not going to get a single democrat. Okay. So so hold your thought there on Senator McConnell 'cause I wanna come back to it. But but let's hear a little bit of what the president said this weekend. Again, a Gabby as you noted he offered three years of deportation relief for some immigrants in some changes to asylum rules, but temporary underscored the word temporary in return for five point seven billion dollars for his border wall. And here's a little bit more. What the president said the good news is these problems can all be solved. But only if we have the political courage to do what is just and what is right. Both sides in Washington must simply come together..

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