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New changes are coming to passport applications. State Department will be adding a third gender option. It's for those who identify as non binary intersex and gender, non conforming New reports of a rift between Governor Rhonda Santas and former President Trump might be fake news. Trump is planning for another one of his Save America rallies in Sarasota on July 3rd. And, according to the Washington Examiner, De Santis, his office made a direct plea to Trump asking that the rally be canceled, or at least postponed the alleged reason ongoing rescue efforts in Surfside, one unnamed Republican lawmaker telling Trump's team quote, read the room. However, De Santis, his team is contradicting the story. Spokeswoman Krisztina Push a says that the governor has never suggest. Said, or requested that any events should be canceled. Helen Aguirre Ferre, executive director of the Republican Party of Florida, also tweeted out that the story is completely false. Brandon Hogan Wdbo, one of 73 FM and am 5, 80. As for whether former President Trump will run again in 2024, we're getting more hints in an interview Wednesday night on Fox News Trump. All that said he will run, he told host Sean Hannity. It's not that I want to. The country needs it. Trump hasn't said publicly whether he'll be a candidate in 2024 recent polls show 66% of Republicans want him to run new this morning. Trouble is still following President Trump, the chief financial officer of his business, CFO Alan Wisenberg, has surrendered to authorities on charges of unpaid taxes. The indictments are expected to be unsealed this afternoon when he and the Trump Organization are arraigned. You probably got an alert on your phone about this yesterday. Bill Cosby is now a free man after he had his sexual assault conviction overturned. Bill Cosby is back at home. The man who was once known as America's dad, who was then known as a convicted sex offender, has had his record swept clean. He's been released from prison and he's able to go back to his life. He won't be retried on those charges. Bill Cosby's TV wife is celebrating Phylicia Rashad tweeted. Finally, a terrible wrong is being righted. A miscarriage of justice is corrected. Others, though, like attorney Gloria Allred are expressing disbelief, and even though the court did overturn the conviction, it was on technical grounds. It did not vindicate Bill Cosby's conduct. Bill Cosby himself is breaking his silence. He took to Twitter to say he's never changed his stance or his story, adding He always maintained his innocence. The comedian thank the court for upholding the rule of law and thank those who stood by him. The 83 year old Cosby has served more than two years for a 2000. And for assault before the state Supreme Court overturned his conviction and just a word of caution. The fourth of July. Typically results in a surge of emergency room visits emergency room, Doc see everything from third degree burns to people losing limbs. Even when the experts like them there can be problems. Take what happened in South Los Angeles last night..

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