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No did not belong on the major league roster. He's a nice guy. I feel bad saying that. But that was obvious coming off of the surgery that he just was not ready to play in the major leagues. And I don't think he's the kind of player with his swing is a long swing. I don't think he is well suited to be a backup catcher. I think his sling is the kind of he's kind of player that if he's going to be decent is going to have to play every day backup catcher to meet profiles best as somebody who is a a defense plus defender defense, I kind of guy that's who you want in the talking to the to the pitchers in the pitchers room with, you know, looking at at film, and and being catching bullpens all of that you want that backup catcher to be a defensive sage, and certainly that's not what Travis star. No was. So we wish him the best. I hope he does. Well, but certainly not on the Mets major league roster and one benefit side benefit showing. Head right. There of the Mets having a triple eight franchise at Syracuse instead of Las Vegas, which never made any sense is that you can get a player here in time for day game, and that works well Tomasz Neto called up now fans, you wanna tell me it should have been Devon Mezrak. Oh, it should have been Rene Rivera. You can say all of that. But at least it's an improvement. And while this is a move that was maybe obvious and the Mets basically flushed over three million dollars down the drain with with the Travis star, no move. At least they made that move. It feels to me like I'll give Brody credit that at least they made that move in the past feels like the kind of move them in the Mets waited on waited on because there was three million dollars three plus million dollars involve at least they make the move Stephen Matt's pitches. Well, the Mets with the polar bear on the squirrel. They keep hitting fun team to watch. And the Yankees you wanna talk about a fun team to watch. It's absurd. What they're doing it. Seven three three seven sixty six sixty six that's the number for you to call in on. We will of course, taking your calls. Got about an hour of that coming up before we even get to guess, so call heavy to start off the program..

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