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Folks. I'm talking to ben carson soul. They will read the other cheek and don't give in and will roll around. Jeff folks welcome back and welcome to the segment where i let dr ben carson complete his previous thought across. I would say you know what we really need to to recognize is that this is not really about democrats republicans this is about people who love what america stands for and people who think that we need to fundamentally change it into something else. And i know amongst the the republicans. There's a lot of dissension and griping and never trumpers and all kinds of different factions. What they need to understand is what they are fighting for is much greater than the little pet peeves that they may have. We are talking about the future for our children and our grandchildren. Will they be free or will. They not be free. And the fact of the matter is if you can't unite those people who love america than america will no longer exists. It will turn into something else and you. Your grandchildren will be the ones who will suffer as a result of that. So you gotta be able to look at the big picture. And not just a little pet peeve because whatever that little pet peeve is that's going to be gone to well the problem of course is that as as bad as many republicans are not standing against the woke kness in the madness which is ultimately cultural marxism. Let's call it what it is. I think we also have to say that. The democratic party of today has been entirely hijacked by leftists in other words. The party of bill clinton or jimmy carter or jfk. Party is long gone. It's been taken over by people who are in bed with marxists. I mean the idea that. Us embassies would be flying. The blm flag is it. Might as well fly the swastika that is a marxist organization that not only doesn't help black people but harms black people. That's where we are with the current administration in quotes. And i and i hope that people can actually sit back and understand that But but i do have another fear. And that is When the right people get back in right-leaning that is that they will want to exact revenge and that they will say in a. Let's make sure that these people never arise again and that would be wrong to you. Know at at some point adults in the room have got stand up and exert themselves. We can't continue this. I hate this because you came up with this idea. Whatever it is we're going to destroy it because you came never seen that happen and immature sept- with donald trump. No matter if he said. I think calculus is good. I think a lot of young people would want to pay him just to say that so that calculus would be wiped off of their course list. I mean anything. he said. He referred to ultraviolet light. He referred to any number of things hydroxychloroquine drugs or clark all he would do mention it but the level of madness i mean people talked about bush derangement syndrome. Honestly i have never seen anything to equal it. It seems to me almost to be a spiritual issue. I've simply never seen people abandoned reason And even abandoned self interest. They just seem to be Written by fury but remember the other side many of them feel exactly the same way and we have got to get to a point where we can sit down and put the facts on the table. It's one of the things that we do at. American cornerstone have these roundtables in different parts of the country. Put the facts in the middle of the table. Invite people from all perspectives and let solve the problems based on facts not an ideology unless we get to that point all we do is argue back and forth and throw hand grenades in each other Are you familiar with the work of dr bob. Woodson and seventeen seventy six nights. He's a he's a hero. I hope maybe you'll work with him. Because i'm just. I'm amazed that you know you talked about the the adults in the room. He's another adult in the room and the idea that he has to work so hard. And you have to work so hard to get your message out there. When i do agree with you. Most americans i would think would agree with your message. Now listen since you're also a medical doctor have to ask you. Were you surprised that even death and illness was politicized in the way that it was during this pandemic that we are now through to some extent i was a little surprised at the extent to which it happened. And how rapidly it happened There's no question about that. And you know the the fact that there are things that are helpful like hydroxychloroquine that's demonstrated in other parts of the world quite effectively like western africa where their percentage of people coming down covert nineteen ninety four percent lower than ours. Why do you think in china they use hydroxy corcoran where the thing came from the there's You know we heard ourselves when we throw politics and to medicine. And that's why the messages have been so incredibly confusing. And i've i've been a little disappointed with some of the people that i've known for very long time And the medical field who are aligned with the government and who perhaps have not demonstrated the the level of integrity that i would expect say well you as typical your gracious. I would even think over gracious because what they have done is at least despicable if not criminal and murderous because lives were at stake the lives of people who trusted them. I had a naomi wolf on my program simply. Because i had her on my program and she's very liberal feminist. She was in my class at yale. Youtube banned us completely for even allowing her point of view. So we're living in difficult times. You're just one of the beacons of light In the midst of these times. I'm just grateful to you dot carson for for everything that you're doing we've just got about thirty seconds. What what can we do those of us who were listening to help you do what you do. First of all. Thank you for being void of courage. Remain courage you cannot be the land of the free. if you're not the home of the brain but everybody has a sphere of influence. Please be willing to stand up in that sphere of influence. Don't you hang your head in a corner and hope no 'cause you a rate since with some other name because if we don't stand up for what we believe we will lose what we believe in this nation man. Thank you so much coupla. You figure eric always good to be with you Guess what it's time for the.

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