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I would put just behind Oklahoma's in that range, and we know that Alabama's offense is going to be able to score even though you know, the Clemson defense has been stellar. They did give up thirty five yards against South Carolina. Allowing five hundred yards passing. They did play another pass offense in Texas M. They allowed four hundred thirty yards passing and allowed five hundred and one yards per game. So you know, I think both teams are going to be able to move. The ball. But I think it's going to be more of moving between the twenties. I think we're going to see more field goals than people expect and I'm happy to take the points with the Tigers in what I think will be a game. Where again a lot of field goals kicked. I'll be looking at at playing the props for over unders field goals. And and and I think I'll be playing that over the over the total. Well, you mentioned Clemson fifty two six Alabama forty five Clemson third in yards per game on offense Alabama fourth Alabama second yards per play. Clemson third Clemson number one in the country in yards per carry Alabama eighteenth, but Alabama lead the country in yards per pass attempt and will lead the country in passing touchdowns if they get a couple here in this game. So, you know, both of these seems very very proficient on offense and defense June the prompt market, and I think that's something. I want to expand on a little bit here for a couple of minutes because I've mentioned listeners you're both in my preview and on yesterday's show. This is basically like the Super Bowl now when it comes to the amount of props that are out there. So you mentioned that you're looking that you're looking for some field goal props and things of that sort. What about the way that this game plays out? You think that you know, there's a mismatch at a skill position. You feel like one of the two quarterbacks has a big day or both quarterbacks. Have a big day. What are you? Looking for in the market. Well, one thing I can tell you is this, you know, we know that the Super Bowl props have ballooned to be just a force abetting force out here. And what happens in the market is so often they don't put enough time into those props. They look at what last year's were. And they make small adjustments in the Super Bowl prop. Well, the college football props are new to the scene, and if they look at the last couple years and make small adjustments. I think you're going to have an advantage to the over with Alabama's offense playing at such a historic rate and their defense not being the par. So, you know, I do believe that I'll be I'll be looking for some overs, you know, as far as looking at the rushing and the passing and the receiving numbers. I it's a market. That's still relatively new. It's a market that if you get those numbers, I and you start looking at value. I think I think the props are clearly the place for you to get. Value. You know couple of things you look at with with the Clemson receivers. Well, you know, someone like t Higgins who, you know, had nine receptions as last couple of games the first first four weeks, the only had nine receptions. So you've got a guy coming on there at the end, but you have to look at current form. Look at what coaches went to what receivers late in the year when these games met bore against their rivals the last week in the conference championships. And in the first playoff games. I think those trends tend to carry over. So when I'm looking at player props I tend to look at at the game by game situations for those key players for the last three or four weeks and make my assessments based on those and not the year to date stats. What else thing I'll ask you? Why here with regards to the national championship where does this number go?.

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