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Weaknesses <Speech_Male> <Silence> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> and again <Speech_Male> it helps prevent you <Speech_Male> from putting <Speech_Male> all your help in a <Speech_Male> man who is in jesus <Speech_Male> just <Speech_Male> very quickly put a <Speech_Male> just my reaction <Speech_Male> to what you guys have. Just <Speech_Male> said. and then jonah throwback <Speech_Male> it's you. <Speech_Male> I agree wholeheartedly. <Speech_Male> I think that we <Silence> as leaders <Speech_Male> do need <Speech_Male> to be mindful of this. <Speech_Male> We need to talk about <Speech_Male> our own frailties and our <Speech_Music_Male> own frames honestly <Speech_Music_Male> right use discernment <Speech_Male> but do that <Speech_Music_Male> so that people. Don't <Speech_Male> just misunderstand <Speech_Male> that you've got it <Speech_Male> all figured out or have it altogether. <Speech_Male> That's not helpful. <Speech_Male> We <Speech_Male> as leaders <Speech_Male> need to point people <Speech_Music_Male> toward the other <Speech_Music_Male> pastors <Speech_Male> of the church <Speech_Male> right. I think that's <Speech_Male> important. And <Speech_Male> then yeah. I do agree <Speech_Male> completely with that. <Speech_Male> Last thing you said <Speech_Male> like if you're a member <Speech_Male> of the church <Speech_Male> get used <Speech_Male> to going to <Speech_Male> any one of <Speech_Male> your elders any <Speech_Male> one of your pastors <Speech_Male> because there's nothing <Speech_Male> you like <Speech_Male> super special <Speech_Male> about the guy who's the main <Speech_Male> preacher <Speech_Male> other than that. Maybe <Speech_Music_Male> he's the best <Speech_Male> preacher. <Speech_Music_Male> I the doesn't mean <Speech_Music_Male> that <Speech_Male> he's <Speech_Male> more gifted <Speech_Male> in other areas in <Speech_Male> fact oftentimes. <Speech_Male> He is <Speech_Male> gifted as a preacher <Speech_Male> and a communicator. Perhaps <Speech_Male> but the <Speech_Male> other elders round <Speech_Male> out his <Speech_Male> gifts because <Speech_Male> he's weak in areas <Speech_Male> where they're strong <Speech_Male> and you <Speech_Male> might find that you'd benefit <Speech_Male> more <Speech_Male> from one on one <Speech_Male> conversations or whatever <Speech_Male> with one of the other pastors <Speech_Male> then you do the <Speech_Male> lead guy quote unquote <Speech_Male> so just <Speech_Male> even as a like <Speech_Male> discipline yourself <Speech_Male> to go to <Speech_Male> all of your pastors <Speech_Male> for <Speech_Male> pastoral care and guidance <Speech_Male> and wisdom <Speech_Music_Male> and that <Speech_Male> helps <Speech_Male> it not just be all about <Speech_Male> this one guy. His <Speech_Male> thoughts his vision. <Speech_Male> The way he articulates <Speech_Male> things his turns <Silence> of phrase whatever <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> because that can <Speech_Male> happen so easily. <Speech_Male> Yeah this <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Boy we're getting off <Speech_Male> on a sidetrack <Speech_Male> here but i'm gonna say it anyways. <Speech_Male> A lot of <Speech_Male> elders in <Speech_Male> churches larger <Speech_Male> churches are <Speech_Male> just good businessman. <Speech_Male> And that's why they got <Speech_Male> chose to elders. <Speech_Male> They're not shepherd <Speech_Male> they're not theologically <Speech_Male> sound they don't <Speech_Male> tend to the flock <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> It does frustrate <Speech_Male> me when i see <Speech_Male> and hear about how <Speech_Male> elders function <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> it's literally <Speech_Male> just a business <Speech_Male> meeting they get together and <Speech_Male> talk about the finances <Speech_Male>

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