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Well, we've still got a lot of slow spots on the Garden State Parkway this afternoon. It's been pretty busy since late morning early afternoon, and we've still got no relief coming out of Cape May. Atlantic County's lot of stop and go from the stress mere area right back up into egg Harbor and through ocean County. Things pretty busy from Toms River backup to Brick and then again in the Monmouth County. You've got a lot of stop and go starting just after exit 98 all the way back up through the Asbury tolls. And more delays in between Middletown and Keyport. It looks like you're okay at the Driscoll Bridge, just a slight north Natalie after the cheese Quake service area, And then again through Essex County. We hit the brakes from 1 44 up towards 1 45. We've also got a little bit slow on the New Jersey Turnpike North bound Carlin's gets slow approaching 12 heading up towards 13. So it looks like some folks might be heading back up to the Gotham Bridge. But exiting for the Gospels. I see no delays and the Outerbridge crossing in pretty good shape so far this afternoon, too. Across the Hudson Holland Tunnel. 10 to 15 minutes from 19. No waiting off the turnpike, Lincoln Tunnel, No complaints and the George Washington Bridge getting very busy. The upper deck at least a 30 minute. Back up and close to a 20 minute. Wait down low. This report Sponsored by Loes, You can chop close Labor day deals for up to 35% off Select appliances like a Maytag long repair with an exclusive metallics late, finishing more offer valid through 9 16 US only. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report 403. I'm Jeff from on New Jersey. When a 1.5 got a phone that you've got a radio download our free New jersey one a 1.5 app on your smartphone and listen to us anytime and anywhere. Access your jersey news, fast traffic and instant weather on demand. Chat with our hosts. Listen to podcasts or enter exclusive. Actually contests search for New Jersey one on 1.5.

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