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Lewis, Dave Logan, Rick Lewis, Kathie Lee, the usual crew millennial Grant. This here is well on this Wednesday. It is the 20th of January 2021. We're gonna be It's gonna be an abbreviated show kind of a disjointed show. We will 9 24 thereabouts will be sending you back to Washington, D. C live coverage of President elect you'll Biden to be sworn in as the 46. President of the United States, and that coverage will take us from then to about 11 o'clock or so and depending on how the day goes, will then be back TOC to wrap it up. Our show at noon. Morning. Good morning, Dave. You guys good. You guys were up in a studio little bit early. Yeah, we want to come up and check out the studio. So where were our goal is to have you here? Yes. Every morning. Is that what you were doing? You do beat me here. Right? I mean, you're here. While we're here. 5 30 something? Yeah. So you're not gonna beat us this one thing you're not going to be too said you know what? It's one thing that I gladly acknowledge you're glad. I think you know what you are much better, much better at 5 30 in the morning that I would be Yeah, we have the We have the inauguration on what Three different networks here. Watching people file in For some reason, Alex Rodriguez is there just want to report that? Yeah. They just showed him on TV. And that's because J. Lo is performing. She performs. She is okay. We were wonder. Why is a rod there? Yep. I've seen most inaugurations. I'm trying honestly trying to remember back Is it common for? Music music stars to perform at the this part of the inauguration. I think so. I know they do it in a night celebration of the week of the inauguration, but I didn't They've been my memories. Well, you said you heard Garth Brooks was gonna be there. And I know that Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia line are performing their song undivided that they just that just came out. I got asked to perform, so okay. Performs, and I'm not trying to stir the pot here. I just don't remember who performed at President Trump's inauguration, which I do not remember. I don't remember any musical and I'm not saying that. I just don't remember. I mean, I can't tell you who performed at President Obama's Inauguration looks like inauguration. Donald Trump was Lee Greenwood. Okay. Uh, I don't know. I didn't see it was Toby Keith. Looking to see who else was on it. And that was the day of the inauguration. I know they do. They have all sorts of festivities the week of right I know there were performers because President Obama I mean the Democratic nomination. Or the Democratic, not caucus. But their celebration was here in Denver says on the evening of January 19th of the inauguration, it was America Make America great again. Welcome celebration. Concert for his supporters. The concert held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Where was Lee Greenwood? Toby Keith, three doors down DJ Rabbit drums and the piano guys. So that was on the Like The morning of the The evening of January, 19th was inauguration that 19 flusher. Okay, So so maybe I mean some of these stars they're going to perform tonight. That makes sense. That that would make sense to me. I just don't remember what I remember watching the coverage of I mean, just about every single inauguration. That I can remember. I just don't remember musical stars. Performing during this part of it, but maybe tonight there'll be a big shindig. You wonder if you could have a big shindig right now. With covert well true. I see most of them were gonna be via zoom on What I thought, too. There's a lot of people. I'll tell you. What there's a lot of people there. There's more people here than I thought to have anything in there a bunch of old people A lot of these. A lot of you didn't think in the old people were going to be allowed. I didn't know if they don't know. I just I'm a little surprised that you're seeing a bunch of old people. Better that air gathered very close together in a lot of them, hugging each other and wonder if all of them have been vaccinated. Don't know. You know, these are probably the Elite of Washington D. C. I would imagine, And maybe they got the vaccine. I don't know, because they seem pretty comfortable if they've been, But I would assume almost everybody there has been tested before they went in. Would think. Yeah, I would think that, at least in this group. Yeah, I wouldn't think there's anybody that we're currently watching. That is not Been tested. Because when you look at them, they're all hugging. They're talking face to face, whispering and talking each other's here and they do have mass on right. Everybody. I don't know if I'd be comfortable with that. Unless everybody was tested. I assumed everybody was tested. Interesting. So again, it will be an abbreviated show. We will send you back to Washington for the inauguration of President Joe Biden at about 11 minutes or in about 11 minutes from now. And we will carry that in its entirety and then We'll come back 11 a.m. or thereabouts and wrap up our show. That's the plan. That's the plan. Yeah, Okay, so it looks like And at Biden's inauguration will be Lady Gaga. But that's again. That's tonight, though, right? No. Bruce will join our next president, Vice President Bruce Springsteen. For the inauguration tune in Wednesday. That's tonight. Wednesday, January 20th at 8 30 P. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. So I'm not losing my mind. I just don't remember. You know, during the actual ceremony seen people perform tickets tonight, and because John legend is playing and he did it, it's Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw. On Jovi. J. Lo Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake. Even Longoria. Even Longoria, Kerry Washington will be there. Oh, yeah, They're not performing No, but they're at the inauguration party to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Big fella, Tom Hanks. Um Demi Lovato. The Foo Fighters. Bon Jovi Big That's big shock. Garth Brooks. How long is this show? Take See a while, right? It started 6 30 tonight. So six, okay? Your time. It's 8. 30 eastern. So three all 3713858556690..

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