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Would the little girl's body was found in a pond near her home. Police say that's where she liked to go feed fish. Emery's father spoke today thanking all who tried to help, but I want to tell the community that We saw their love. We felt their love. You appreciate your support. We know nothing about being every back, but they showed us that we are not alone. No foul play suspected in that child's death and US troops flying round the clock have managed their biggest day of airlifts out of Afghanistan so far deadly violence, though that's blocked many desperate people from entering Kabul's airport again kept up today and there's been no indication that the end of the month deadline to have all US troops out of Afghanistan will be extended. The White House, says 28. U. S military flights carried more than 10,000 people to safety out of Afghanistan in just 24 hours as of early this morning on Wall Street today, near the close the Dow ending up 216 points that is slightly off of the session High. The NASDAQ Up one Excuse me, the NASDAQ Up to 28. That's about 1.5% and the S and P Up. 38 700 WLW sports. Here's the Reds update the Reds With a day off today, they'll open up a road trip tomorrow night with the 1st 23 up against the center. Individually. Knee brewers in Milwaukee. The action right here on 700 WLW. The Reds a game up on the Padres for the final wild card spot trail the Brewers in the division by 7.5 Games, The Padres today fired their pitching coach Larry Rothschild, who was with the Reds in the 1990 world championship season. Bengals Update Bengals back on the practice field today, getting ready for Sunday's pre season finale at Paul Brown Stadium up against the Dolphins. Former Bengals Pro Bowl defensive tackle Geno Atkins, visiting with the Seattle Seahawks today. Bill Dennison, 700 WLW sport. I'm Jack Crumley. Our next update at 4 30 in breaking news anytime. NewsRadio 700 wlw..

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