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Our northwest news time now 6 36 COVID may be here to stay It will always be at crisis levels perhaps not and we may not get to that point or we may get to that point soon according to The White House reporting on this in The Washington Post is Brittany shamas who spoke with Taylor van zeiss Brittany what has Jeff science The White House coronavirus response coordinator said about that crisis designation this week Yeah so he actually said during a news briefing yesterday that the U.S. has made tremendous progress in the battle against COVID-19 and that it may soon be entering a time where it's not a crisis anymore but really something that we kind of manage with the tools available Among those tools were the tests that the federal government sent out all the free masks to pharmacies as well Has The White House said anything about how those strategies could play a role in future outbreaks or was that maybe just a one time effort Yeah so you know they were talking a lot yesterday emphasizing the importance of testing moving forward and trying to figure out how to make sure tests are so widely available even as the demand recedes as the threat of on The Crown appears to be receding So they're in this planning process right now where they're trying to figure out from manufacturers and testing industry how can we kind of ensure that we have these tools available for people when they are needed moving forward the emergence of potential new variants or whatever the pandemic kind of throws at us in the coming months Spring and summer travel and vacations are right around the corner for a lot of the country Did The White House yesterday talk about how long mask mandates are going to continue on planes and other federally regulated modes of transportation So they didn't get into specifics about that but the director of the CDC did say that updated guidance was coming soon She didn't commit to a specific timeline on that but she said that the CDC is looking at this and they're going to have updates and she also emphasized that some of these recommendations are going to be based on hospitalization numbers Community by community So basically aimed at ensuring the burden on local hospitals isn't too heavy and that they can operate functionally Finally a lot of us recall that the omicron variant of COVID mutated outside of the United States is there an effort in the near future to either from the U.S. or from vaccine manufacturers to vaccinate and treat the rest of the world You know yeah that's something that the World Health Organization and U.S. health officials have emphasized is being really important in ending the pandemic that it can't just be every country for itself but that all countries need access to vaccines And so I think that's something that the U.S. and the World Health Organization and other kind of wealthier countries are trying to work on and so I believe the U.S. has been the leader and actually distributing vaccine doses to other countries that might have more difficulty accessing those doses You can read more from Brittany online at Washington Post dot com about what The White House said this week and also about a new effort from BioNTech to help build new labs in parts of Africa using shipping containers to try and help distribute vaccines there Brittany thank you That's Taylor van seiss And 6 39 so let us talk about all that's happening in sports as the kraken try to cool the Jetson Canada more from Bill Schwartz in this Beacon plumbing sports update Winnipeg Manitoba where the kraken tried to start the road trip with a victory good first period for the visitors with a power play goal from Vince Dunne and follow with another tally called by Everett Fitz you on root.

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