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The summer, is getting into radio, something you would consider again doing anything on the radio. All the audio I want to do is right here for Connie. And to work with the guys like you and try to help build this entity. There you go. So we're all making more money. You know, Conrad's very fair. How we all get taken care of. It's all a productivity. So if you want to draw more promote more, I have better shows. And embrace that audience is following you. So I don't like radio. I like big guests on radio shows. But they have a daily show, how do you do it? Yeah. I mean, it's only worth spending thought on them because it's just physically impossible. For me. Leon says JR do you still keep in contact with Baker Mayfield and do you plan on attending any browns games this year? Occasional direct message. You know, during football season, I don't bother my football buddies football season. They'll get a tax or a tweet. Something like that. And I don't know, I don't have any plans right now to go to Cleveland. But at the last time I was there, I had a great time. So Becker stood good. There you banged up right now. Hopefully you'll get back on his feet and get healthy. He said it would be. I'll tell you that he's a tussle bastard on the snow BS. I just got his Oklahoma guy. He's tough. He's got a great moxie. A little swag to it. And that's what you love your reality. I'll call him cowherd doesn't like him at all. And I believe this part that that's kind of a work. Because it hits a chord when he said when he was pronounced. When a Colin coward calls him out, people rush the occasion. A lot of in arms. I think he's got a good gimmick. So you're gonna take a column cowherd. I've been on his show great show. He's always smart guy. Smart guy. And I really enjoy talking. I enjoy talking with him off camera as much as I did on the air. He's a really funny guy and kind of guy you want to have a beer with. So I got all the time or call a coward, even though here's another stock of the wrestling fans. I don't agree with all colic yards. Velocities is stances. Yeah. His views. But it doesn't mean I don't like to listen to it. You know, somebody's going to say in this show, who's your Mount Rushmore, women wrestlers? And that of a human issue, somebody. I can't believe he left out Trish stratus in the leader and I didn't get to. Do I love him and are the great stars? Absolutely. I deserve to be an all of it. And I'm glad I get to sign both of them. But there'll be something made of this bullshit. So I just, you just understand in this day and time, this is how it is. And when you have the realization that this is how our society lives in a 140 characters or whatever. Then you have to understand the terms of engagement. Now if I could light age, I understood this. I don't get pissed off of somebody's opinion and there's a lot of me. I get anger and Smith says it looks like he had another stroke. Well, first of all, I've never had one stroke. Where'd you get that? It Wikipedia. Or something. So that bothers me. And they block them. Are we done? I'm not going to try to talk you out of it. I'm not going to try to get you to change your mind. I'm not going to engage you in conversation. I want to say fuck you. A block in your ass. And it may not mean anything. But it means I want to listen to your shit no more. There you go. There you go. They have given us the ability to block and mute. Alex says you mentioned once that Memphis didn't work out as a training center for WWE. Can you elaborate on that? Well, what is the other personnel? Infrastructure was it had nothing to do with Jerry Lawler? But I can't remember what the fellas name was. It was a point man of that. And I should know his name, I apologize for getting it. But he just, you wouldn't cut out for that role. Yeah. And for we consolidate by going to Louisville and OVW, cornet and Danny Davis riff Rogers all those cats. And Cincinnati or Thatcher was located with his guys. And feel like we were just fine. And we were. I think we tried to grow too fast. You know, if we had all our charge of it, and he was one of the investors time in it. There have been different story, but he was busy doing other things in TV every week. You can't expect a guy like that to add more shit just play. So just infrastructure is in that larger issue. Didn't put the right people in the right positions to make that a little operation work. Simple as that. Up next, Mike dolman, and he wants to know what is Jim's opinion and what in your opinion is the worst chewing out he has had from vents, I'm sure there's many, but does one stand out as the biggest? Yeah, I tweeted out the death of Jay strongbow. And Vince got extremely high rate about that because strombo investor long time buddies..

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