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This is the birthplace of the banana empire the port city of Leeann which sits on the eastern coast of Costa Rica. My Name is Sergio. Will I news actually Sergio. Oh has been giving walking tours of Leeann for the past five years. I went on this tour with Sergio early in the morning and we started the tour athletic. Give us but the main attraction was across the street from this park. Now this is the palace I like to call it a bothers by the way it's It's like the head of the United Fruit company outside of the United States headquarters of the minnow like the biggest take. The building is harnessed. It takes up nearly the entire block and whereas one is filled with Victorian style buildings usually made of wood or concrete on Crete. This building is very boxy minimalist and made of steel American steel. It's two stories but seems bigger because the ceilings are really really high a row of big red windows with green framing lines. Each floor story different looks like a train station right okay. So what exactly is. Is this United Fruit company. That he's talking about okay. United Fruit is the company responsible for making bananas and international commodity. And that distinct stink te kind of bold industrialist vibe of its headquarters is a perfect reflection of the company's practices and Sergio says the mastermind behind the company. A guy named Minor Cooper Keith. Had A corner office from there. He had a perfect view of the ocean. The poor there used to be the at train station over there and at one point the actual train station. Actually the train was the project started everything for the moment no train.

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