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Was that good timing? Geno. Smith got his start and a movie called Unholy Matrimony. He was unprecedented as partygoer. Nine, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, six. Can You imagine a lame Smith like partying? See this just to get him Man And Down Yeah Him and Mike and Hanging now. To wild and crazy guys. got. He was thirty when that came out. I can't imagine him being young either. No. Wow. His facial expressions in this movie that we're doing just unbelievable unbelievable like he's wearing a rubber mask. It's just robbery and and the space between like the bottom of his nose with and like at at least two and three quarter. Three inches. You're saying he could really use a push broom mustache. I guess I. Never realized how big of an upper lip head this entire movie his mouth is a gate. Is is the brow is beat alling. And he's just I'm maddening. Like a insane Mormon Deacon or something. Yeah I could see him pushing bibles. Door. So. So. Get about seven tabs open. I have one, two, three, four, five at too many that. Tell me why I have two tabs that they let Harry. Oh. I. Think that's because I was looking at them. Let's get Harry. Cheers yeah exactly. That was not I wasn't just you know. I meant to look up let's get Harry. You meant to look it up but not so many times, right THOUGHT WANTS TO BE, a Non Glenn. FRY It. How do you feel? I don't know how I feel about that. All right. So hate welcome to the moratorium. Thank you. All right. I'm your host. Tim Gorman. And with me as always. Is Walker me the other guy the other guy? Just one time I WANNA BE A thug guy. One Guy One guy. Where's this partner? I. Think Lane Smith was giving me some. Dan Headey. Vibes. Don't you think..

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