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Of it stems from you know the demise of the relationship renewal her in nature you know like ads will john has redial these two ridges can't stand each other now own and from knack you got a whole bunch of stuff going on there are accusations that her and todd are slegers or at least like to have three sons now we all speculated on whether that was true or not latapy was said that you know candy tricky so it may be true hell at no no and i don't have any speculation on it now at the end of this season refined candy porsche ads you know porsche audi processing information to candy that they candy dim light amp worship was vedro eh candy when all also her so as a lock on or there's also the relationship that everybody claims that candy has media you know of the rumor was that the three sound their todd and candy had was riff shimmy ah and after watches in shimmy at his season i don't think that's true so i don't know about that dan you know earlier in the season they had a candies baby daddy riley's father one and we saw that little drama play out where he does not have a relationship with uh with riley and that others candy then also you know there's candies crew a lot of people kidnapped stan down while in common in all of them and they were like good riddance to candy and take your with you now when i was reading the com is a lotta people said that they would be happy to see candy off the show a nest surprise me they also told her to.

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