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Another great connoisseur. And a man writes a terrific piece every single month in Boston magazine along with his team. He Scott Kiernan, the food editor and this time, you're focusing on the new New England seafood, and we talked about it not being your granddaddies, fish and chips anymore. But what's this about caviar making a huge, huge comeback everywhere. Really being very unusual, caviar delicacy. But a lot of people between the conch devas of intimidation have been know baby turned off trying we're finding it now on doughnut holes at way point which the coastal cuisine restaurant in Cambridge. It's being served on the pizza. Thanks to a collective called east. Boston oysters who will actually deliver. You harper's. Pizza copped with caviar your home with a day's worth of noted or on chicken sandwiches, at Trillium rowing, which is a really brewery in four point all these after taking this really course, high end high route and finding really fun and playful so we can be like Mr. MRs hollow now and enjoy our caviar and dude on pizza. That's pretty cool. Scott geared in his always, thank you. He's the food editor at Boston magazine all part of connoisseurs corner. WBZ Boston's NewsRadio and Jordan fifty degrees in Boston nine twenty six clouds. We do expect some rain to be moving into the area most likely midday and after noon hours, it does get better tomorrow with sun and clouds, although we stay in the fifties. And again rain back in the forecast for both Tuesday and Wednesday in throughout the next four days. Temperatures remaining in the fifties yet another house of worship targeted by gunman. We'll have the very latest coming up at the bottom of the hour in the news at nine thirty the Carol center for the blind is a leader in services for individuals confronted by the challenges of low vision in blindness please join the seventh annual walk for independence, Sunday, April twenty eighth from ten AM to one PM this family and Doug friendly event. Raises awareness of vision loss and supports its programs serving children teens adults. Seniors with technology daily living skills. Employment thrill in travel instruction for information at one eight hundred eight five to thirty one thirty one or Carol dot org. Mattress at ninety gin. This weekend in the bunk spring is free. This is John NGO. The other two brothers in the furniture business ninety five day mantra seal is this weekend. Every shopping at walks in the door is in a one hundred dollars gift card. Bitcon is good for any purchase in the store. A four ninety nine all used a cat in mighties depot. And you say, even Moammar example, a king coil Queen size, Laura. Ashley mattress infirm up. Plush is only six ninety nine with the gift guide and boxspring is free Nita mattress. Semicon a king coil twinset only one ninety nine in the bucks. Bring his free plus free delivery and set of your new mattress and free removal of your old bedding used to get done in Maine showroom. Tune insane. Five hundred dollars on a flick still sofa by any item save one hundred dollars by any mattress in the box. Spring is free. Hurry, a seal is this weekend at modest for Washington street. Melrose Zeh fifteen hundred dollars this month on the ultimate page. Off on that unpack we all Rhino Shield of New England,.

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