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It's not skill hunting. It's like shortcuts right hacked to do it a little bit its effective and then then there's the idea of sort of more and more and more like just work until you grind it out on your successful which like I mean if you don't have a good idea. more and more and more is going to not do anything yeah and so the skill hunting SORTA lies in the middle of those which is you be really really great at a few things and then every couple years add like a new tool to the tool belt as you would describe it. Keep trying to look at skills and don't get a little hobby is like not important. Look at it as like dive deep into learn a passion like learn something really really well and that's a skill you've developed and then move on from there but don't try to do like two things at once. One year gathered these skills and that over time what does hill mastering more skills do for your persuasive is waste of abilities. Well I think first of all you have to be really really good at like two three. You have to master some skills then you can go find signed other skills but you have to really really really master some skills. There's a study recently about the most trusted person in America and it's. Tom Hanks really and I mean. He's an amazing guy who doesn't like that but who knows what kind of guy is but he seems to be very a trusting well the reason why is like he's one of the best actors ever like he he's. He's crafted his skill so that you trust him. It's why celebrity celebrity endorsements work. You know why you sell products with celebrities because they're so skill day. You're like well if they're hock in this product. I trust that they're trustworthy for the people because they've mastered the skill interesting so mastering skill. I think is is really critical to success and not trying to jump into into a gazillion things but really master two or three things and then add layer on skills after that yeah so I mean you did that with of course sports so that you that's cool so skill hunting. Mastering skills will make you more persuasive because people trust based on your skills. That is your more credible that you're more credible and trustworthy because hard working that you're consistent. You're committed you'll be you've been able to learn something and be excellent at it. Br and not just proficient but excellent and then the personal. Jesus part is adding purpose. What is your give back. What are you doing in the world. That's not just for profit or for Ego knows a lot of ego. out there and so what is the purpose peace and and how do you look at your skills and match it up with giving back so for you you know pencils of promise is something that you're really passionate. Senate about and so it's really lining you know there's an exercise in there have like whether two or three things you really skilled at what what are two or three things you care about in the world and if you stare at those two lists long enough you'll come up with an idea of how to combine those. It's why you know from an bad guy. I'm a I'm a madman right like I said advertising. I'm super skilled at that is why we took those skills to fight sexual Salton. I didn't I created a group called the creative alliance ninety companies that do social good pro bono work those are taking the skills of advertising. You wouldn't think advertising advertising where we're trying to sell products and services for profit could do good but anyone can take whatever skills they have and figure out a way to apply them. I'm going to make the world a better place and that makes you a more persuasive person. That's interesting wellman yeah cool. It's exciting the soul for art of up persuasion not just the art of persuasion. The sulfur aren't the eleven habits that will make anyone a master influence her. What's something people can do today that? ATK can make them more influential right after this into this whether they get your book can dive into all the exercises and everything or not what something can do right now to make them more influential like the like the first easy thing easiest thing that's just something they can do and the next hour where they meet the next person they talked to what something they can do differently than they don't normally do. I think the idea of not looking switching the mindset of transactional thinking is a number one quickest way and thinking about it as long the long-term viewpoint that sort of the number one thing. I would say you could do right away and anyone can do that. That's what it's a really easy thing to do so. NBC never be closing closing yeah but eventually you gotta close. Let Your Business or to get the the partner you want. You've got to ask for something right yeah. Of course you can ask you can pull not push you know that sort of the the big difference yeah. You can pull them towards you not push. I like this. I like this so they get the book an Amazon Barnes and noble. You guys have.

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