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My Email dressing personal eighty six was born in nine hundred six not to BRAC. And he said, thank you for clarifying Email address. I apologize for rash, judging shall we continue our conversation about Keith and God. And I said, well, now you have to say how it was sexual. I'm not letting this go. And he said, I am certain that you are very internet savvy. You could have looked at up yourself instead of asking. And by the way, we all did we all were like sexual position. Eighty six eighty six is the new sixty nine like we googled, it the tire team of people googling with a fuck eighty six could mean because we want to try it. Nobody nobody came up with nothing that I was gonna say that you come up with anything even pinged it. It's what's funny. Is that he asked Jeeves heat, right? He came jeeps came out of retirement fund. This is why people typing dumps it. Put that he would say, hey, what is with this sexual thing. You want to explain yourself with an attitude. She goes, there's no such thing. And then he says, I woke, you could look you could have looked at up, though. Right. You know, why are you making me be the pervert, but just one of the many web pages pretending to it can be found that quote goodbye? Sixty-nine your favorite new position, 2017, the sixty eighth as well as large nut, which, I don't know what that is either, as well as a large number of such addresses with eighty six simply being a juxtaposition of the former links didn't happen. I can easily link you to anything. I tell you, if you do not desire to be given to be giving such an impression to a person, I strongly recommend you change your Email address immediately. If not sooner I disturbed octopus. Let's wording never existed in my day, at least not that I'm aware, but it seems that the internet and humans deviations have given everything in new meaning. I am the walrus. I dunno. Nothing makes them. So then fake Catherine Robak sooner than immediately, Mr. me character, what other numbers I need to watch out for. And he said, I do not know that answer came across this very accidents without trying, or initially researching. Okay. I researched it and couldn't find anything. He was just sitting around. What are you what? Yeah. How is Christ born with the eighty six position had, by the way, speaking deadbeat, then it's this Christ? God. The father. He just find porn on the internet your debt. I wonder I don't know. I looked eighty six up I said and only see it means to a jet something or no longer have something I can't imagine how you happen to just come across it. What you type it, you didn't even try to research it, then how did you research it? Thanks. And he said, I do not remember what I had typed type anything again. Did you fell? On it such things have happened to me more than just a few times, once sitting at a library computer information on Lima Ohio came up without searching for it. Well, guess what? I once used to live in line Mojo. Where'd I know what can I say? It's macula I tell Mark some of my computer experience and he's baffled by them. Yet, that is the way it is divine shit. And I said, well, this feels a little different, but okay, I guess, we'll never know how is your wake? And then we moved on K. So that's a lot of talk about eighty six and on. Yeah. A lot. We learned absoutely nothing. But we've got to talk a lot. So this is what I post on Instagram. The letter to my father from me, the real me. Keep Malley me. Yes, happy. Father's. Hello. It's keith. I hope you have had a good Father's Day. I tried calling but couldn't leave a message. Did you eighty six the answering machine? You're well, thank you. Brilliant. So then he writes back, one twenty to one twenty two. What is he's partying? And he spells out Eighty-six. He goes, what is eighty six sing an answering machine..

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