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They should be like auto porter. Brad Beal like a new lease on life. And you know, I it's like we talked about argument on Twitter last December Almost almost a year to the day. I think it was the summer thirtieth. 2017 we had this argument on Twitter about how the grizzlies losing. Conley. And go Seoul was probably for the best. They'd get a chance at a top pick with Washington if they get worse without John wall instead of better if they got worse. I don't think that that's going to happen. Don't we'll see we'll see the last year with Sattar an sqi moving the ball around Bradley bill's gonna get more pick and roll opportunities because he knew dimensions of his game going to be interesting to watch this team without wall. You know, what's interesting when I saw that news come out. That is exactly how the Conley injury was described with the bone spur on the achilles. Oh, and it's a bitch. I mean, it's gonna take him a long time to get back. And he wasn't in great shape. Already. Like us already a guy. That when everybody saw during the summer, they thought he had blown up a little bit in a when you have to be would that rehab process is bad. And obviously, you can't be doing a ton of exercise, and it didn't look like John wall did a tunnel exercise, even when he was opening. Well, this offseason either way they should be taking pay from the grizzlies playbook and tank in the hell I mean Chris tank, but they should be trying to fall fall fall in the standings. I think they'll make the playoffs that offer the best if they do easily for the worst if they do. Chris if the grizzlies made the playoffs as an eighth seeing us smoked in the first round last year they wanted to have Jaren Jackson. That's true. That is true. And the wizards make the playoffs and get pounded in the first round by Milwaukee. They're not going to have a chance at Zion RJ Barrett or even like a lesser prospect like Kevin porter someone like that. I'm glad you said this Kevin because the last one is the two thousand nineteen number one pick in the NBA draft will be Williamson. Really, I think. So you think it is without cause you enter that fast. I don't think it's without question. There are still NBA people that I've talked to that have RJ ranked are Barrett. Zion's? He made a Duke ranked number one. There's people who still view him as a better all around pro. So no, I think it depends on which team ends up landing the pick. And with the new lottery odds, the flattened Dodds there's an increased chance team, you know, with the eighth or ninth or tenth best on. Odds could jump up to that spot. So I think these ion or Jay baron. I just I don't see anybody else elevating. So that number one spot besides those two, but I I would lean toward Zion. This kid at Murray state's got a ton of talk man people. I I've been reading a lot of stuff John grants killing it sophomore point guard. He even got a shout out on a when Durant did that podcast with Simmons? That was one of the first times that I saw him get big pub. He was when he was asked about which was an obvious. Kevin Durant really keeps up with all this because he shouted out the kid, which I thought was interesting. I mean, you got obviously very busy when you are an NBA player in everybody knows ion. But there was Kevin Durant talking about John Moran. John Marantz is the type of player who his ball handling ability is a legally get anywhere on the floor that he wants his three pointer needs to get better. But he can get to the rim at will as he develops and get stronger. He he could be a guy. Guy who draws a lot of falls on the NBA just saying. He one of those guys that gets to the rim and his. South Carolina leading get out of the state may lie. I guess late bloomer, you know. Yeah. But I mean that would have been right after they made the final four, right? He's a sophomore at have been right after South Carolina. Was there the final four could have brought this kid in. Wow. He's exciting for sure I think he's I think you could easily play into the top five conversation. Not number one. But top five conversation with with his performance..

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