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Stays this is. This is the perfect like this is. This is an encapsulation of our friendship. And right there is. I'm just ready to tell me what it was. Two thousand one it was. It was a rough time it was it was that would have been two thousand. That might have been ninety ninety nine pro. I actually know thousand one. Two thousand one dollars two thousand two thousand and two thousand to know it was yes yes no fourth grade thousand one two thousand and two thousand two. I'm telling you nineteen years ago big and we talked story big up speak big big whoop nothing to create. I mean let's not hype it up. I mean we just. We said things that were just not cool. Yeah and they were fucked up and probably wouldn't like it wasn't like fucking racist shivnarine. Yeah no no chill out. Probably caused someone to drink put like that. Yeah good times. Good times horrible so carefree. i think. But i don't even know what i'm saying and your grandparents still alive now. They're all they're all all of them going dirt nap. Say that when they say they do. Oh i just had super deja-vu. I think we've had that exact conversation before. What like the dirt nap. Is that what they say. Oh i don't know how boy i got that from What's the angry too angry men. What's that movie. I don't know angry all men some. I literally having ultimate the ultimate version of java right now. Elephants is gone. I mean not really. Okay say another raynham where guerrouj. Why did you do that. I don't know i can't think of anything. Why can't you do that when someone put you on the spot and just like name a woman. I know name a woman stephanie. No name any woman a woman ever know. Oh liz taylor lives dealer. For instance where association chapel. Give me one just off the top ready. Three two one word association eraser bo. I said well actually honesty when you first said a racer. I thought of scholastic book fair research. Okay all right. Those are cool. Who the thing that went to it was like the star dome yeah. The strategy lamb science last star lapsed star lab star labs. I don't know but in school we would go down to the basement. Weird kinda weird. We would go down to the basement and then we would crawl into this also weird crawl into this big crawl this big dome and kind of crowd around and then there was like they would project all the stars would those were good times they working-time word association go river run. Okay river run. That's not bad. Yeah go where dissociation plastic war. The war plastic liquid deaf friend of the show. Free plug there you go there you go bang. Bang all right two more tomorrow. We're dissociation fright. Have it have it. Have stevens ron stevens ranjana. I'll go porcupine had fucking. I'll do it ready. One two three birds. Kite omega as i laugh. That was already. Yeah one two three white teens..

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