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Claire Mcnair, Baseball, Giants discussed on The Ringer MLB Show


Ringer mlb that's fc goods dot com slash rare mlb fielder's choice goods the legacy is in the letter so the last time claire mcnair was on the podcast we talked about the what the inside of the human body looks like and in between when i reigned for her to come back and when we're actually recording we had a conversation on slack about a man who who served his severed foot to to his friends so i feel like that's a good place to start hello claire great great to be back you know i don't think we'll be talking about anything quite as horrible things you just mentioned so that's promising and it's surprising because we're gonna talk about the san francisco giants who appear to have survived i mean they are not as utterly as the inside of a severed human foot that's been served to for for human consumption they have survived the madison bumgarner injury yeah that's right i mean i honestly i thought that the would be the severed but of major league baseball this year but lo and behold i i mean i can't tell you how happy and maybe just a little bit surprised i was when you asked me to come on and talk about the giants the baseball loves in my life who somehow ours still relevant even as we're getting close to the halfway point of the season they're sitting right now and even five hundred thirty three thirty three which is good for third in the west and they're only three and a half games back from time back the half being back the dodgers and you know right there looking good which is the weirdest part of it like right now they're just a smidge ahead of the red sox for first in the majors in team batting average though yes they're they are really good and that's that's how i mean if they're in the al west we probably wouldn't be talking about a five hundred teams surviving so some of this has to do with the the dodgers and the diamondbacks just forgetting how to play baseball and dealing with injuries of their own but they're doing this with they've lost three best pitchers when jeff samara has been on the mount he's been pretty terrible you're talking about them as as a high batting average which is not something that we've expected from the giants even when.

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