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Of the Gospel says that Jesus turns around after Peter had just an item, and they looked in the eye in that word, there is play Poe again. Just like when they first met, it was deep soul, the soul connection, almost as Jesus was looking into Peter Soul when he was denying him really really powerful stuff, but I just imagined. Do that Jesus like he looked at people? Now is a lot like that. That's the kind of person. I imagined Jesus was like when you were with him. He's constantly. Entering into that EM- Belay Poe where he's like. In deep into your eyes and he's beyond just seeing the outside of you. He's like looking inside of you like he senior soul, and who you are, and he's he's giving you as full attention at the deepest level like this is the kind of God that we serve what we don't see Jesus, doing is like overlooking people as he's trying to save people. Could you imagine that like Jesus? His whole point of coming to Earth was that he would save humans from sin that he would rescue them that he would invite them into a new kingdom. Kingdom into the way things were meant to be and supposed to be and so Jesus when he was interacting with people. He like gave them his full attention. You don't see him looking over people to try to accomplish his mission. What you don't see Jesus, saying like Hey, can you just like? Can you hurry up with the story, or can you hurry? Hurry hurry like. Can you just get to the point here? Because I got I'm going to try to save people. Jesus knew that the person right in front of him was part of the mission. Like. This is the mission. He came to save people, and now he's looking the people that he came to save right in the is. He didn't hurry past them. He didn't tell them. Get on with your story or get to the point, or I don't have time for that right now. Because I'm trying to do something bigger. No, he knew that like the person right in front of me. That is the mission. This is what I came here for that person in for. For All people whoever is right in front of me has my attention. They have my love. They have everything that I have to give them. He was fully present when he was present. And our mission as men is right in front of us. It's not work. Our mission is in our hobbies or the way that we can scale up on the social ladder or the way that we can accomplish more work or get more things done. It's not filling up the bank account. Like, our mission are the little humans under our care that we have the honor and the privilege of disciple. This is our mission. We don't get to say. Hurry up, get to the point. You're in the way. They are what we're here for. Our goal now listen hear me clearly our worlds are not supposed to revolve around our kids. That's an unhealthy relationship, but I think you know what I'm saying like I'm not saying that. But what I m saying is there's really what more thing. What could be more important in your life the to give your full attention to your children into your wife to your family, what could be more important than being fully present with the people that got us put right in front of you? What other relationship! What other thing is worth chasing after the to give your kids and your wife? Your full attention to be fully present while being present. We're GONNA. Talk about what it looks like to be president while being present, but before we do I want to thank my friends over at blinking for sponsoring today's episode. I love blinking there. One of my favorite I use on my phone constantly We're always trying to learn as guys in. It's really hard as busy dads to continue to find the time to. To. Sit Down and learn something which is why I love them. Because what they do is, they take three thousand over three thousand nonfiction bestsellers. They've got over twenty seven different categories, and they convinced them down into what they call blinks, which are just fifteen minutes or less that you can either read a book or listen to a book and really get the main. Main need to know information from thousands of books so again. If you don't have time to sit down and read a whole book or listen to a whole book, it will take fifteen minutes of best the need to know information. Really condense it down to give you the information that you need for it what they also have now. They've also just launched A. A brand new feature, or you can listen to full length audio books and exclusive podcast. That's brand new feature that they've just launched on. They're really excited to try that out. I think you guys are GonNa. Love that as well as podcast listeners. I like to listen to a couple of books every night before I go to bed, just continue to learn and. Gain more knowledge and short amount of time to books that I recommend that they have on there. They've got one on there for tire. Dad's called why we sleep by Matthew Walker It's a great book to check out just about sleep. And then they also got the ruthless elimination of hurry by John Mark Homer, which is one of my favorite books of two thousand twenty right now. Blankets has a special offer just for. For you are dead, tired audience, go to blink DOT, com slash tired to start your free seven-day trial and get twenty five percents off blinking premium membership and up to sixty five percent of audiobooks that you get to keep forever. That's bleakest spelled. B. L. I. N.. K. I S. T. BLINKING DOT COM slash tired to get twenty five percent off a premium membership and a seven day free trial. That's blink dot com forward slash tired. Here's one of my biggest fears for says Dad's. One of my biggest fears is that we're going to run past. Our kids in an effort to chase down a better life for them. I, mean just say that one more time because I wanted to soak in one of my biggest fears for us as dad's as that, we will run past our kids in an effort to chase down a better life for them. A Leyland. We'd just bought a new home and we've been trying for almost our entire marriage to save up and to get ourselves in a position where we could buy a house and we were renting for pretty much the entire time our kids have been alive, and and then we moved into a little town home kind of in the interim, and then we just we saved up and we worked hard, and we finally got in this home. Home that we love and it's it's great for our little family, and it's got a yard which we wanted and which it's Kinda hard to find him Portland like something. That has an a yard where the kids can play. It was just amazing, and our kids loved it like we we. We had been talking about this for years, and we finally got into a home and our kids that they really loved it for about three days. and there was this moment like three days into this house when and just kind of like the newness wore off, and my son Said Daddy. Will you play in the backyard with me and And when he said that I just thought man like this house means absolutely nothing. If Daddy isn't present and the house like sure that you know the, they're happy to have a room to sleep in the happy have A. A yard to play in and whatever, but like they're not gonNa grow old and think man I really love that house. Even though my daddy was never physically or mentally around like my dad, you know. He got us a house and that's really all we wanted in life. Do we all know that right and I? Guess? I can just subconsciously Kinda. Thought like if I get my kids a house that they love you know. Know we'll be set and the truth is. They don't care like they don't. They're not any more happy in this house than they were in this tiny little town home that we just came from our home, the small house we were renting before they just don't care. It means nothing to them. If Daddy's not present what they'll look back on is not the house they lived in, but with a look back on was daddy. Daddy, present and I guess what was.

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