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Craig Martin embattled state Representative David stringer has resigned from the house speaker rusty Bowers accepted the Prescott Republicans resignation today effective at four PM stringers resignation. Ends the house ethics committee investigation into racially insensitive. Comments and in nineteen Ninety-three sexual abuse case in Maryland, Bauer says the ethics committee will not release a formal report on the investigation, but will release public documents gathered during the probe the man who drove into a crowd during a white nationalist rally in Virginia is pleading. Guilty to hate crimes to avoid the death penalty. James feels admits he drove into a large group of counter protesters at a twenty seventeen unite the right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia killing one woman and injuring dozens more Scottsdale police are looking for whoever stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of baseball memorabilia from a popular restaurant. Sergeant Ben Hoster says someone smashed through a glass door at Don. And Charlie's in the middle of the night and took dozens of autographed hall of fame. Baseball's from a trophy case there. Well, we'll document and we're trying to get information out on the street as quick as possible to have someone come forward and help us solve this case back. He says baseballs autographed by Ted Williams. Hank? Aaron sandy Koufax and Babe Ruth are among those stolen attorney general Bill bar will appear before the House Judiciary committee to talk about the special counsel report on Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election German Jerry, Nadler said he spoke with bar today. Received a commitment to appear before the committee. No date has been announced in Phoenix police now say two officers who became ill after. Coming in contact with the white powdery substance yesterday were not exposed to fit in all as previously feared spokesman says the substance was tested and turned out to be cocaine. Police say the officers found the powder in the floorboard of a vehicle they stopped. The officers were treated at a hospital and released five fifty KFYI covers the valley with east.

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