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Dead outside the town of gatt australia all three had their hands bound and were beaten viciously prior to their deaths. There were signs that they had been sexually assaulted. Two bodies were discovered every by their brother in law william mcneill. He went out searching for the siblings when they did not arrive home from a dance the previous night after leading police sergeant in arizona the crime scene william went to break the news to his inlaws. It was a particularly unpleasant task as he had a rocky relationship with the elder murphy's they were strictly irish catholic and disapproved of his protestant faith when their eldest daughter polly had married william two years was prior. They disowned her and had only recently accepted her back into the family. Along with william nevertheless william rushed from the scene of the murder backed act the murphy family farm about a forty five minute ride. He arrive close to eleven in the morning. Oh there you are mcneil. Do you want any eggs there a little cold but they're good. No thank you mrs murphy. Did you find the children. I swear when they get here. They're in for the whooping of a lifetime. We'll yes. Yes i found them. What's the matter you look awful mic nora ellen. They're they're all dead. It looks like there was an accident or something. I found them in mourns pasture. I got all three of them. Mom what's going on. Oh fail. It's horrible my mcneil. The dead pill such a mess. You never saw all your life upon hearing the news. One of the elder murphy sons bill road wrote out to a distant patch of farmland to find his father. After mr murphy was told his children were dead. It took the old man almost a half an hour to recover over when he was finally able to mount his horse. Yes bill if his children had been shot. The only other thing he said on the long ride back home was that he was glad they had all gone to mass on christmas. Day is bill in his father returned home. William took mrs murphy in the family buggy to the marin pasture. The bodies were found to speak to the police. However sergeant arrow was no longer at the crime scene. He started investigating the crime scene at ten a._m. But left after only thirty minutes apparently in his rush to leave the station he had forgotten his notebook. He needed to head back to get in to retrieve shreve the notebook and also to report the murders to his superiors. Before he left he asked to of the townsfolk who had accompanied him to the pasture a blacksmith smith named wilson and a man named of it to make sure nobody got near the bodies then he galloped off towards town back in gadston sergeant errol picked picked up his notebook and went to the telegraph office there he meant to send a report to the police commissioner and request the help of an indigenous australian tracker. You're one of a group of professionals who were often employed by european colonists to navigate the bush and fine missing persons however for all his haste i sergeant errol's messages were held up at the telegraph office. At the time low priority telegraphs could be delayed by the station master's if if they felt other messages were more important or if other messages were first in line in order to cut through the wait times a person could have their telegraphs smart urgent ensuring that messages about important matters could be relaid from station to station as quickly as possible however urgent telegrams. M.'s cost double the standard rate errol requested that his report be sent an urgent rate however the stationmaster and gavin insisted that errol pay the extra costs on naturally. The stationmaster was incorrect. Police were authorized by law to mark telegrams as urgent for free. An arrow insisted that was the case the two argued back and forth for some time and inexplicably errol allowed himself to be cowed by the stationmaster russian master of course rather than pay the fee out of pocket herald decided to send the telegram at an ordinary rate sergent era waited at the office for half an hour but received no reply he hurried back to the crime scene unsurprisingly by the time he got there at approximately a quarter your past noon this scene had all been obliterated news of the murders had spread like wildfire through the town and the massive crowd had gathered around the bodies wilson endeavour had done their best to hold the people back but the onlookers paid them no mind. They trampled the area surrounding the bodies. He's making sure that any tracks that may have been left behind by the killer. Were thoroughly erased. Even when aero returned the crowd refused to listen to the reason they stepped back at his orders but would rian coach on the scene. The second he turned away upon his second inspection era found clues he had missed before four there were traces of semen nora and ellen's undergarments and a large branch covered in blood was found near the surrounding trees. The branch was so heavy aerial found difficult to lift above his head while era finished his second examination william and mrs murphy arrived at the pasture. I mrs murphy brought sheets to cover her children's bodies. She begged sergeant aerial to remove the partially undressed bodies from public view by now so at least forty people had congregated around the scene and none were willing to stay back a respectful distance errol wanted to wait for a doctor to arrive before he moved the bodies but eventually mrs murphy's tearful requests combined with the crowds insubordination became too much for him in a moment of supreme cream frustration aero finally agreed to move the bodies nora and ellen were placed in the murphy buggy and mic was laid in another cart. The sergeant remained at the scene and turned his attention to tom. The murphys dead horse. He could tell it had been shot in the forehead. The hair of its main was singed by the gunshot in order to figure out what kind of bullet had been used to shoot the horse. Tom was caught into smaller pieces with arrows supervision. Asian laborers carry the segments to the slaughterhouse outside of town. The horse parts were then boiled down at the end of the boiling process. A single thirty eight caliber bullet was found likely fired from a revolver meanwhile the elder murphy's were comforted by their friends at the brian baru hotel while the local undertaker helped transport the bodies but though so members of the community tried to help others started to spread gossip for for instance the son of the undertaker. William miller was carrying coffins past the hotel when he claimed over here daniel murphy talking to the hotel owner in another man about his children. Have you any idea who did the deed. I do jesus. Are you not afraid to say that. I will not say it to anyone else. I don't want anymore. Lives lost over the affair. Are you sure what was that charlie. Miller ran off immediately to tell his father about the conversation according to him. It sounded like daniel murphy had been drinking a little riddle stories like this led to later speculation about possible hidden motives of the killer or killers. There are reasons to believe. Mr and mrs murphy knew something about the deaths of their children even though it was never proven for example. It's odd that mrs murphy didn't ask any questions when when william told her that the children were dead the only thing mr murphy asked was whether or not they had been shot. They were certainly aggrieved by the deaths but they seemed seemed curiously uninterested in catching the killer. The reactions of the murphy siblings also support this idea the last one to learn the murders was danny murphy a constable who lived in brisbane. Danny received a telegram informing him of the deaths. At twelve thirty pm on december twenty seventh it i i thought it was a cruel joke and went to the telegraph office to verify that the message was real. Once it was confirmed. Danny was overcome by grief. He was overheard to say that the murderer must be a member of his own family. According to danny no one else could have done it with his mind still reeling from the news. Danny requested leave to visit his family. His request quest was passed up the ladder but it stalled at the topmost rung inspector urquhart. The head of the criminal investigation branch of the australian police believed the telegram from gaitan was a hoax later erker would blame a sergeant masterson who spoke to him right after the telegram was received sergeant masterson persson apparently believed the telegram was fake for an unspecified reason erker took his word for it in left for a two hour lunch when he returned to the station he was told there had been no updates on the case why he wasn't told about danny. Murphy's request for leave at this point is unclear. Burkart went back home after spending another hour at the station just as he got home around four fifteen pm a constable caught up to them at at this point was finally told danny murphy had confirmed the telegrams validity and was requesting leave. No other superior officer was available to grant him permission. Clearly the department was not what you'd call. A will oiled machine. Inspector urquhart gave his permission but then despite being asked to immediately immediately returned to his office. He stayed home for another couple of hours and had dinner with his family. It wasn't until seven pm that he returned to his office and it was nine pm by the time. He informed the police commissioner of the crime. The original telegram had been sent from getting at eleven o'clock that morning on by now all tracks around the crime scene had been raced experienced. Police officers were heading to the scene of full day late and detailed questioning had yet to be carried out but the bungling of the case had only just begun. We'll delve deeper into the disastrous astra's murder investigation after this..

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