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The holidays these them the london zoo spread wednesday taking stock of everything from anteaters tuesay bras zookeepers tallied nineteen thousand two hundred eighty nine animals in the annual accounts of every mammal bird reptile fish amphibia then insight of this new the penguins at least made it easy cloudy up a flipper some animals are harder to count ants for example are counted as a group this year's event was delayed after a fire just before christmas that killed four bureaucats an ard mark but this will logical society of london so the count brought everyone together and really allowed us to focus on our animal breeding for this year actor jim carrey says he's fed up with fake news and he wants facebook users to delete their accounts in protest he posted on twitter that he's dumping is facebook stock and the leading his page because facebook profited from russian interference in the us presidential election he says facebook isn't doing enough to stop russia's from spreading fake news carry also encouraged other investors and users to do the same thing he ended his tweet by using the hashtag un friend facebook facebook hasn't responded to carries tweet but founder and ceo mark zuckerberg has said that stemming the flow of misinformation is of facebook goal twitter's recorded its first quarterly profit in the company's history that is ap correspondent warren levinson reports problems still remain twitter aid money less quarter not a lot ninety one million dollars on revenues of seven hundred thirty two million both beating wall street forecasts which is a relief but it's a long way from solving the social media companies problems twitter gets a lot of attention owing in large measure to the tweeter in chief but facebook is bigger and more powerful an instagram and snapchat or where the cool kits hang out twitter is wrestling with problems that include possibly millions of fake accounts and an executive revolving door its chief operating officer left in july and has not been replaced stilt the stock rose on news of the prophet warren levinson new york progressive presents yet problems inspiration.

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