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Jim Bob stoops sounded like he was reading the drunk tax he said was crush the night before thanks to in west LA my gosh the guys all over I don't know why we sanded it had way too much to drink now it's kind of funny to joke Bob that's true in west LA age making a joke what a good phone call is that too much to ask sometimes it is one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six don't get it twisted like I'm not all up in here drowning I'm fine I got lots to cover but I wouldn't mind a good phone call you have the number use it Adam hawk buttoned up as always running content did you can't be in two places at one time how you gonna pick up all those calls Iran get Landry Jones the believe body here sign a commissioner Rick when Jones shows up to adult kickball tryouts DiMaggio the last time he was not the commissioner of the league he was the president of that late there is a difference what that difference is I've no idea read he.

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