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And finally scotland votes the shortest commercial flight in the world. The flight goes between two islands in orkney scotland and just forty seven seconds speaking of being oddly proud of lasting just forty seven seconds. Stupak a cigarette the sandwich tacking on an extra twenty jeff. Passan with us on. Espn radio always enjoy his expertise and his professionalism. I can you please tell us jeff. Thank you for being on with us. The level of surprise. At what happened with theo epstein and That's say the level of surprised actually last thirty seconds. What would be your guest passing. What would be your guests over under. Where would you put to get. Even betting on stu gods over or under what on stugatz sensual escapades. I would. i'm not a bookmaker. Mind you but i'm taking way under on thirty seven seconds. Oh wow i'm definitely below them and does align all right very good Hasn't were you. Were you surprised. Nah no This has been telegraphed for a while. Now in not just by the oh epstein telling friends and and other confidants that you know this is gonna be the end of the road here coming up. But he has always said and i think a bill walsh. Maybe is the one who who originally said this that. There's a shelf life on staying in a particular place. And and i think he i think he thinks it applies not just sports but pretty much everywhere. Once you reach ten years they potentially start getting stale. And maybe you don't have the passion that you wanted. Maybe the excitement of the job isn't there a and especially. I think that goes if you've accomplished the things that you've wanted to. And despite the fact that the cubs with this extremely talented roster that they had won only one championship went. Theo epstein was there. They want a championship and that was something that they hadn't done in the previous century. So i i think him. leaving was was not surprising and It's just a question at this point. Where's he going to end up and as much as that. When is he going to do it. Is he actually going to be the executive. Who says i'm gonna take a year off to spend some time with my family and do things that i want to do and not end up in another job. Two weeks out of the well. Do you think what's next form. Obscene is somebody who is always looking for a challenge and and there's no question right now that the challenge of the new york mess is a big one I just. I don't know maybe i'm naive in thinking that he actually is gonna step away for a year. Because i think when you're in a job like president of baseball operations there like general man you know whatever that type of job is when you're in it and you're someone who is devoting all of that time and energy. Sometimes you just got to recharge your batteries and obscene is not like this this baseball You know there's this crazy baseball person who needs to sleep in his office and and eats breathes and lives baseball. He's got other interests and you know he's interested in politics and he's interested in music and he's interested in his children and he. He's a well rounded person and getting away for a year may not be a bad thing for him i think he's also and he spoke spoke to this yesterday. I think he's also interested in how baseball is not fun. Sometimes and i don't mean that like bat flipping or excitement. No the game is just boring a lot of times these days and he took some culpability of that saying that you know guys of my ilk who have been running teams have been so focused on trying to squeeze every last bit of value out of players and out of situations that the game has. It's gotten out of balance there too many strikeouts. You know theo. Os was the guy Really the driving force early on Behind the three batter minimum. Because he thought what are we doing just shuttling in relievers in and out slows the pace down the gay just things right now sometimes and so i think if he can work with commissioners office if he can work with the players if he can be some kind of conduit between the two of them so that they can actually get something accomplished and fix baseball a little bit. then he'd be doing a lot better for the game that he would be inside of a front office. The best three baseball architects ever. According to jeff passan history's greatest team. Builders go head and from the bottom up. I wanna see where theo epstein landseer if he lands somewhere for jeff passan number three according to jeff passan is. Oh my goodness. I know number one is a very good all.

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