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It's perfect. It's like the perfect thing for the perfect person and somebody who deserves so much out of life and he's GonNa get it now. Yeah and seeing him and we we see him a couple times a year the whole the staff here at boomer and Geo he's just he he looks incredible. He's full of life energized. You doing everything that's part of it you know. I mean he plays softball with us. I mean he's giving speeches. He's just like you wouldn't know about his life every single you know every single week. We don't this but this is the point like we are living a medical miracle in the world of cystic fibrosis. People realize this the amazing breakthroughs that have come through just in the last four or five years now. There are about ten percent of the patient population that these new drugs are not helping and we are still fighting for them you know we still deal with the FDA we still deal with pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies and Medicaid and Medicare. It's it's never it's never ending. As always a fight and gunners right there at the forefront of that fight and he shares. His Open rawness about certain things that sometimes. I have to take a step package. Whoa wait wait wait you know but I wanted to be honest. I want him to be truthful and I want him to say what he feels because know no matter how he feels. He's the only one that truly knows what it's like. Living with this insidious disease in our family so I let them go and do his thing. And he's a man. Now is going to be twenty nine in April which is amazing because when he was diagnosed the median age was nineteen and it's rapidly increased. And it's gotten only gotten better and this new drug that VERTEX has brought from the test tube to the patient over the last five years has been nothing short of a miracle cure but it has such a profound impact on the different aspects of cystic fibrosis. As I said to me last summer he goes. My future is unlocked at the age of twenty eight. He tells me his future was unlocked and today was a- last night was a part of that future which was amazing. Congratulations to governor and Darcy incredible stuff. Last night he did post a picture on his twitter account. If you WANNA go check it out there on Ice Skates on presidents that your son right there. The other thing he says may goes dead. Valentine's as it made a holiday. I'm doing it for like a real great American holiday President's Day you know. They're both unbelievable patriots and they have very kind of same view of the world. And that's why you know there's there's somebody for. Everybody needs to found each other because of their friends. Put them together and it couldn't. It was a match made in Heaven. It's boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network. Take a quick break. We're just getting started this morning. We'll come back a jerry..

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