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No I. Guess the thing that like everyone else in the United States I'm really wondering what the post-election settlement will be. After, the dust clears where we gonNA be of course, is up in the air I know so many people that are walking around holding their breath. And just thinking Oh. My God. Are we gonna you know several are here we're GONNA descend into civil war other people who are Democrats are saying, Oh, my God i WanNa move. If we get four more years of Donald Trump, I'm hearing that a lot from liberals. I'm hearing dire warnings of from. who were talking about? You know what Biden are Harris might do you know pack the core do all these kinds of things So I'm very very hopeful that it that. The temperature drops off a number of notches after this election is over that everybody kinda catches her breath and realizes that we're all Americans and that we need to create the country we want as we move forward and and you have to do that with people who don't believe the same thing. You have to compromise. You have to bring people together not push them apart think if there's any lesson of the trump. Campaign and candidacy is that we do better with a uniter than divider and I have to say if I were to say one thing about Donald Trump I don't think he's a uniter I think Donald Trump, personality wise and focus looks for away to. Bush against conflicts against faults against issues and I. Don't necessarily think that that's a great. Quality in our president some people think that's truth telling. I personally think it's stepping on corns that. People you know we need to be brought together, not driven A. He's done a lot of good things and I think it's mainly overwhelmed by the twitter feed and. The divisiveness as you're saying and it's it's really a shame because he's he's really brought a lot of good things to the table to help people prescription drug issues, and he's new tried to do the right thing but it's just it's overshadowed. I amount by by his personality, the tweeting and the and the kind of thing he can't seem to resist. Consultants tear their hair out. They can't get him imagined. Van has spokesperson he would be running easily to re election. You know had want two things one handle code a little differently I think initially that would be good and and then had he not had the personality trait of adding gasoline to fire. which he just can't seem to help himself. You know and it is what it is. That's why some people love him. You know and it's also why probably a majority is going to vote against him yeah. We'll see it's going to be interested in is how Well, Dr Piercing Cross. Again, Associate Dean of College of Liberal Arts and professor in the Department of Political Science at you'll laugh. I want to thank you for taking time to be on discover Lafayette and reminding people that we can early vote October sixteen through the twenty seventh and you can go vote not just downtown ten, ten, Lafayette Street but there's two other places too early vote the Martin Luther King Recreational Center at three Oh nine chorus street and then the East Regional Library Young's fell to fifteen London Bell Road. So people have more options now and you can vote like eight in the morning till seven at night I read in the papers..

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