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For free for free however if you would like to pay for that privilege well also odd patriot. How to sell it? Sabrina to go ahead and check us out on. Patriot does have all of our shows on their. It's only three dollars a month. It's not that bad. It's less than starbucks coffee when you support us. Help us make great shows like the one you just just edited by the way I'm GonNa added to a degree and then I was GonNa say uh. Oh what part of the pod fixed network We're going to be doing a special show for them. So you can check us out on there as well and our website is podcasts. Forty-two show dot wordpress dot com does give a listing of all of our previous episodes are Bir ratings All of that fun stuff. Our artwork has been done by cute. Panda you're GonNa Find Cute Panda for commissions on facebook and our theme music by Crow. You'll find more music on Kramer Dot net or on facebook under cream. Oh all right. Thank you one legged man. You're welcome. Well that's it for today. I'm Christopher levels. I'm Sabrina Pierre Jail troops. I'm Laura by stay fresh cheese bags. Gung all conversations are events. The one hundred percent accurate as if you figure that out already. Things are added or even deleted for the sake of attempted comedy. All horses are never verified and all information. It's Whiteley get in other words. We are having fun. Thank you for listening. This has been a transmission of the pot fix network for more about this show and other great pod fix programs go to pot fixed network dot com.

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