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The supercrew dot com slash you know what 2017 get out of here all right you made a mess of things in your refused to leave the party the news this week has been absurd and we're trying something different crooked two welcome nepad save america john fabra i'm dan pfeiffer on the pods today we'll be talking to a friend of the pod in the first time host of this sunday's golden globes seth meyer's we'll be doing that a little bit later we're gonna go uh meet seth at his hotel in beverly hills here so that's can be are a little trip after the pod we have a lot of updates dan let's do it all right pod save the world this week tommy and ben rhodes talk about iran i don't know if you've heard this one yet but there is an outstanding cricket conversations this week with aaron ryan in our friend della semester monaco so they talk about me too and looking ahead in 2018 in obviously it's a serious and important discussion as it should be for the to them also managed to make it entertaining and at times whole areas because they are awesome so you should go there the best they are so good that yes natural chemistry with aaron and elissa onthespot jason candor tax gun violence on majority fifty four that drops tomorrow friday also as positive the world us and also on friday a honoree cox talks to sashi coal about logan paul's disturbing youtube posting and she does her monthly rick wilson chechan lots of content out there also shows events love it is a striking out on his own with love it or leave it shows and portland on january 25th and they just added a second seattle show on the 26 check that out tommy is hosting his first live pod save the world here in los angeles at the elleray on january seventeen th yet in you should comfort i would love to do that is going to be taken a ben rhodes samantha power and the filmmaker behind the documentary the final year which is about the last year of the obama administration a focus on foreign policy and our tickets are going to go on sale this week he may be the last year before miracle went the toilet that's it so check it.

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