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You started a nonprofit well this is working for it i mean you potentially could do that but that's the encouraging people to work in vices that may not make as much money but are giving back to society that's the bad that the green room if maybe creating a foundation would be a good fit because i've actually been looking at that actually supports local things that i report so let me ask you question people get overwhelmed with debt in business all the time and there's always a question of what's a good debt bad debt securities talk about that good debt beds because your whole book is about mastering your debt civically business from business stuff the problem people have heather is they considered all the same when in fact some debt has much more power beverage over than other and the key to getting out of business debt is right called prioritization can you give more priority payback sooner the creditors than have much power over you than those don't electrically company that can turn your lights tomorrow has leveraged over some lawyer did some contract three years ago that you never went through has leverage on new but usually what's most small business owners do is they pay and they respond to the creditors three in the laos and they're calling on the phone they writing magli letters and that's not the way to do it you'll only have a certain amount of money and you have to come question at the best way now you can try yourself there pick people that'll do that for a website called health with hamels dot com and that's exactly what they do they going for thousands of businesses for like thirty years and they actually put a numerical score on each of creditors does i much leverage they have over the wasn't have the most leverage get a higher score and get a better offer they're making your the electricity company will pay you eighty cents dollar next month that lawyer from three years ago will give you ten dollars three years or something like that right right different deals basically might of leverage they've got over your business that's something the average businessman is not know how to do so you do that and then you make one payment to the.

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