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Keep my christian faith strong and for entertaining me in my car but please can you please suggest a different podcast for me to try because my wife is getting tired of me coming home and saying i heard this great guest on the eric metaxas show. And where's my check book. We need to free a slave or feed some children. Thank you well. You know That's what we do on this program. We pray guests and often we ask for your help which we just did a few minutes ago because they really are while. We're joking around their kids in this world. Who don't have food Their slaves in the sudan who need freeing so obviously We will always do that. And it's a privilege to do that. Which i didn't expect to end here but and i won't end here but i want to remind you please go to metaxas talk dot com today or if you prefer to use your phone call one eight hundred eight four four eight six three eight four four eight six three. Hope we really do. Need your help seriously And i'll keep reminding you. But i just wanna say regarding suss quashes in this wonderful letter that we got We're a pro sasquatch podcast so we may not be an all sasquatch all the time podcast right toward were a pro sasquatch. Podcast and i would. I would interview assess squash. I mean any day. You bring him here and it's always him because the the lady suss quashes I don't have a very strict rules. Just the guys can do media. But they They're old fashioned. I wanna tell you that we did About four years ago we did a sasquatch week. We did bigfoot week on the erc. Metaxas show. I remember that. And i don't know if that's still in the archives but we didn't. We need to do it where we might have not. We might. how all right well anyway. Thanks for the letter. Love your letters. And i and i do want to say people always say to me. You have such great guests on so this reminds me to remind you. Please go to Follow us on social media. Follow me on social media please. but Sign up for my newsletter. Because i know that if you're hunting around for a guest if you get the newsletter it comes to your inbox your email and you can see all of the videos and we even put some from past weeks so you don't have to go hunting for them We do that because when we got cancelled from youtube. It's much tougher for people to find us. And so we need you to step up. Go to eric. Metaxas dot com and. Please do sign up the newsletter. Sign up your friends. sign up your family sunup. Up your book club. Maybe if your church director you have all those emails. Put them in there. You'll be blessing them. Yeah and soupy sales when he says please go and go into your mother's purse and you see some corinne paper mail that to me at this address. Yeah anyway okay. Where the time we were the day alan dershowitz will be on. It's going.

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