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The orioles had a good record that's too bad the braves and the blue jays were terrible mariners were to in six so what i do like i understand why people sort of vol into the gambler's fallacy in sports because it is you do sorta get this tug of war kind of situation where a team might be playing over ted maybe let's off the gas a little bit goes through slump or maybe a team is something and it just size breakout 'cause they're just too frustrated and they let all their anger out on their next opponent how this actually works but you do see certainly when you analyze individual players you see that seasons are not stable they don't follow projection they do kind of have wild swings unless your mike trout but especially if you're ryan rayburn who incidentally i say out of job so so much for that yeah but what i do find interesting not only have the diamondbacks opened up like a real gap over the dodgers who have not looked very good but i just wrote the other day about patrick corbin who's doing something fun something very simple i understand but patrick corbin who is arguably the weak link in the diamondbacks pitching staff is taking a page out of the book of kale or lance mccullers or whoever one of those pictures you want to talk about and he's decided i have a good slider i don't have a good anything else i'm just gonna throw my slider all the time and see how that goes in so far how it's gone is he struck out twenty out of forty eight batters he dominated the dodgers he's throwing the slider like fifty two or fifty three percent of the time he's mixing up speeds on which saw the say i i don't know exactly what's going to happen to batra corbin but i like what he's doing and if he's a player who i think has gotten better than what he was projected for and the diamondbacks of ardy weathered a week or so of stephen souza's absence this is looking pretty good for them so i would i would say that there is a fair amount of signal here and the democrats were maybe already underrated when they were projected because they were so good lesson than they're great if not particularly deep but i i like it so weird.

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