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Down the line a blogger sent out of there by Lopez and let's also got a piece of it Milton down the lane to the ram scoop with the right hand looks like a two point lead sixty five sixty three and they would cruise that's Ted Davis on the box radio network Bucks beat the kings one twenty seven one oh six Chris Middleton twenty seven points and eleven rebounds meanwhile the nets enter play Friday night losers of seven straight that's now is three eight to shoot Harrison verbally families don't for for its forty five okay it is so far three with twenty five seconds remaining one fourteen what eleven broke one time out of my that's body used for on the nets radio network the nets snapped their losing skid as we said they beat the heat one seventeen one thirteen elsewhere clippers over the warriors one on I. one hundred Kawhi Leonard thirty six wizards beat the hawks one eleven one one delegates over the next one twenty three one eleven branding remit twenty eight Grizzlies beat the spurs one thirty four one twenty one exactly at forty three but it comes at a loss Pacers beat the bulls won sixty one of five sons over the magic ninety eight ninety four and the jazz beat the Hornets one oh nine ninety two college hoops number twelve Maryland goes on the road I will and they lose hi guys wanted sixty seven forty nine meanwhile number six Butler beach Providence on the road seventy two fifty eight well the eyes red wings beat the senators in a shoot out three two hurricanes three nothing of the coyotes penguins beat the avalanche four three in overtime from the NFL the Browns still need a head coach you're the only team without one the interview Josh McDaniels on Friday couple of updates kwon Alexander will play this weekend for San Francisco not sure about Chris Jones Ford the chiefs the defensive tackle did not practice I'm Jay Berman coinciden LA fuel face off in the national championship game this Monday night talk.

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