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Workum all to stretch pie has I'm your host Eugene Turin's year. We're back again would get another guess. I'm excited about this gentleman is young man his story. So he shared with Wall e's actually a shelf culinary train. He's worked with elite athletes. Welcome you all to. Chef dray. Much. Interest Interesting story how I found shift dre one of my clients by Joe mackey we've this and content for gas for my business and which stretch station and I seen them to this big guy. This is the gentleman many have food in front of him was his personal car up Joe Essay, who they? Who's this young man you talking to you working with? He say, Hey, this. Guy's a he's a fool coach as I really. So we talked a little bit about you and I'm like he's a McCall blase long story should ideally research on you and then talk to you and I learned some stuff about you out was interested and I want the audience to understand and know what you're passionate about why you're passionate about food. So I'll bring it to the floor. You. Okay. Thank you or. Make sure. October. Does. The reason for my passion for food and because. It was brought to me at any bear young started cooking when I was telling my grandma probably how to cook and unafraid on that Cook was timmy's than average. Then I was like man, this is nothing going to be easy because the ever had children. My Timbers, not a good thing the clean and. Cooking. Something I didn't enjoy but I had to interrupt me learn and be better because she always needed help. Grandfather was always working song out only at the time it's able to take many leaning ran it. And then. Growing up. We did family dinner to. have. Holidays and everything and in there. Kept growing the voting. Throughout high school I was always cooking for my mom. I'll Cook it from my dad. My sister. And then after about learning from just being the MOM grandmother and looking to increase. And went to school in. Lang by different cuisines. Planning Eileen about how to combine different flavors. Ingredients off a mind about hot-air wine with ingredient through. Hours you're. Like man I really do something with it. That brand I moved here after getting my degree and when I. Moved from I moved from Indiana I'm from Indiana napper. NOR FOR CHICAGO OKAY Yeah. So it was a change for me especially in the food industry when I moved here because the. Being. So big. It was so many different industries that I learned to liking it but I I can't bring in the industry around no I can grow from. I focus on a dietary. To feel, and that's when I go into intentions. headquarters. The nutrition freshly. Guys thanks. Yeah. That's a blessing internship because I know Michael have programs where I can be with the you know do internships at Disney or different places like that if you had a good GPA. GRADUATE FROM OUR CLIENTS and. So relay with one of their run over. A couple of places in California and then Renos what. Hours like no way. Not far from the and that's my grandmother I. Now by Mago their kind make my name. In Make money and that's big accounts man. Myself you expired to something to make a difference in post lives specially based on loved ones and try to make a difference now is actually really good thing. Like. Knowing that my food and knowing that my. People in their lives especially on a waiting outside like this, knowing that making our and the benefit I learn about food and then give it to somebody that chuck me with that pipe responsibility. Wow. Really say people out like when I got my first burns off on lose thirty pounds. I was like, okay. From me you were like, yeah, is doing in Lily Up. Who is actually changing my life I hear and? I don't workout. I'll work out. So I'm like okay I'm the it's actually me. When I got there. Filling out. Doing this. Winter to make sure kept growing so. Okay. So that's actually pretty good Let me go back to what you said in the beginning I love Chitlins Acharya bone chilling. Agreement. Remember as a kid, my grandma used to they used to sell them by the the bucket that big giant bucket will frozen. You had to put it in water Europe how and you had. I'm not GonNa say what's dinner, Budget GonNa put all the good stuff here and once it took hours in you couldn't be bucking you get like a list of all powerful Chili's man. That's thousand everything in I learned I learned how to cook when I was like seven years old. Based on my situation in at home. And be more responsible than the average key. So I was cooking and cleaning take keyed stuff like that my brothers and sisters. So I learned to be responsible I how to Cook Chicken Fried. Chicken cornbread, chicken and dumplings I learn how to cook make blackout peas out of the water. I everything southern style where the young age because of my ability and that's really important and also to connor background. So it makes what you're offering different. Services out there a lot of the services that I I don't say everybody needs to have a degree in something you need to have years of experience. You know what you're talking about when it comes to micro micros and all this other jumping when it comes I don't know booed and how full was put together and how it affects dean of your body in because everybody body's different. So. I you to talk to. Was Different. You have a background calling there. So you have an inside education on, but then you have practical knowledgeable because he was asked you actually doing you make a difference and people is through your food combination. So how do you put together? How do you walk me through? Hey, okay. I'm calling for the first time I've been referred to you and I wouldn't lose I've heard you have johnny lose fifty pounds apple. How do I get to? How do I get to that point to me? What walk me through what you looking for me? What are you looking for what you look for when it's do what you require me? So tell me how that works. Okay, go. Coaching they may have like their macro swimming that they have their have their guy 'cause. I'm not registered Dietitian so I can't cut them by what to do bang-drumming already registered Dietitian. Weren't they that they know saying dying? Their macro, they bring it to me, and then they fired with me I their mackerels not mind mural training. Week Dan I just make those meals dope. Clients are more. So keynote type of clients e-e-e-e-no where you Is like the we'll wave right now. Honestly. On those couple of years now from what I've been noticing it and he don't really have people lose weight in a sort amount of. Reading arrived. Just fat. They cut back on the car everybody loved part cars potatoes, Rice. I think sales rice corn. Potatoes. Being stuff like that was really a high car. Those are really worth killing everybody eats everybody's A. Unique..

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