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The Baylor player. If you had actually bailed out here, let's be honest I wasn't doing it anyway. But you're clear to go. It's clear to land the ship. Shout to Devin Downey shouts to Chester. South Carolina shelter. Jake Lindsey legend shouts to Laura now and thank you guys once again for listening. I on college basketball podcast in the middle of the dumbest pandemic in my lifetime. Do you know that pandemic shut down my favorite lunch spot right downstairs? I walked there every day and get lunch, not that. Never coming back. I'd never seen one like this. Yeah. Nowhere. Never see one like this, dead leg. Whoo. If you're not subscribed, please go subscribe anywhere you subscribe to podcasts, including Apple podcasts and Spotify. Leave a nice review on Apple podcast. I mean that for real. You type some nice words. There's more of us than there are of them. Don't let them trick you, make you feel bad. There's more of us than there are them. If you haven't smashed the like button yet, knocked that out. Brandon Davies would do it. He smashed. Wrist trip to the final fight didn't care. This is all coming up by the way. Next time you see me, haircut tomorrow. So significant choppy head in my way. It's we're overdue. It's time. Let's try to talk about brain and Davies. I know I know outside just, you know. You want to keep going. Give me a few more minutes to talk about Brandon. We're at 47 minutes right now. It's actually this has been breezy. This has been amazing. I could stretch another. I can get us to 52 just focusing strictly on Brandon Davies. And his desire to smash, we'll talk to you again on Friday. Till then, take care..

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