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What will happen is asset water approaches it'll actually confined to fish and they'll stay ahead of it in the cleaner water that they can and it's sorta like fishing offshore and i do realize i'm not an offshore fishermen but i know that there's a rip where you have clean water and dirty water or maybe clean and cleaner water right next to one another forms line and those ficials stay right in that area and as that river water approaches and like pontchartrain it will show up on the south shore i of the bridges and then it sort of gradually goes north and it'll confine the fish official continually move ahead of it they'll get into the wrigley's they'll move into lake born and depending on how long the spillway opens and how much of the dirty water is continue to move eastward which i've been getting this question all week which is a normal progression for fish we normally find trout out on the outer edges the islands along the the biloxi marsh area it's usually later in the summer june july august this year they'll make their way out there it just may be earlier now if they shut the spillway sooner and we don't have a tremendous amount of freshwater that comes in it'll dilute somewhat and they may only go half way so they may only go to lake born hang out in that area until their natural instincts defined salty water when they're spawning kick in in the may june timeframe then moved further east mike before you go how can people get a hold of you and you got you on your on our web page and you've got your own website and phone and you've got an expanded lodge going.

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