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I have to wonder nowadays the three of us role was wondering what an historical event would be like if it occurred in the age of twitter ray will with nixon strikes me as a twitter friendly president i can imagine nixon's twitter account um and i can imagine would people were chiming in with the with these various opinions before an elected official to say someone's guilty before trial comes out for the highest elected official in the land to say this could very well have injured the proceedings that's not good for law right nonetheless the jury finds all the defendants guilty on january 25th 1971 in in march of 1971 march the 29th manson krenwinkel atkinson van houten are sentenced with the death penalty watson is also sentence uh but at a later date received the death penalty but then as we said in the beginning caliphate foreign yet suspends the death penalty shortly thereafter and the families sentences are commuted to life in prison they only to family members have been as of 2017 paroled steve goggin who was seventeen at the time and he uses the guy served as the look out and also linnet squeaky from who attempted to assassinate president gerald ford rights that is the new that's after watergate recurs years when we're also seeing his a a tremendous amount of strange in tragic events right disastrous events in a very short frame of time span of time of important note as we recording this today is quite possible that a third family member may see freedom leslie van houten was recently granted parole however is not out of the gate or should i say out of the.

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