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Go for three billion years, ultimately circle the sun, nothing more complex than clumps of microbes agitated in our planet's primordial ocean. It was out there floating in space when cells on earth began to cooperate building bodies and grouping themselves into tissues, it arked through Cambridge skies when the major branches of the tree of life emerged from our common stock, and when the lobe thin fish climbed out from the seas. It was their tracing endless ellipses in the void. They're moving. Always moving silently above when the dinosaurs were new and Qatar is nothing bigger. Than a bug there in the sky over every muddy Spinosaurus every quarrelsome Veloce raptor every bloodthirsty t Rex and their unbeknownst to every insatiable dreadnought his. When the reign of the dinosaurs came crashing down in cosmic accident. It was there to witness the rise of the mammals and the ascent of the apes through which our solar system became aware of it self and now after a long prelude we twins of the same womb borrow phrase from the poet Marge piercy, the apes overthe, and ultimately are set to me in a most improbable rendezvous. Tonight, like a paleontologist revealing a dinosaur bone and linking its existence to our own new horizons will drill into our ancient past as it flies by this tiny frozen world. And we'll glimpse of fossilized moment in time a moment that led to the coalescence of our planets to the transformation of geology into biology and the evolution of spectacular an improbable creatures such as dinosaurs. And ourselves from this lonely vantage point near the ends of our solar systems. New horizons will offer the world the humbling perspective that only deep time and deep space can provide as a digs like pickaxe in the sky into our wondrous past. Thank you. Thanks to the Johns Hopkins applied physics lab. And to Ken Vara for green lighting, my use of their audio. We'll be back in a few days with the more traditional episode of science talk till then checkout, WWW dot scientific American dot com for our continuing coverage of the new horizons mission and for all your science news and follow us on Twitter where you get a tweet whenever a new item hits the website. Our Twitter name is at Siam for scientific American science stock. I'm Steve Mirsky. Thanks for clicking on us.

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