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Yeah Yeah. And she's kind of a country in thinker and so she never wanted any like shoe she didn't want to be seen as complaining. She did one in the advantages now part of this because she knew she was straws. Released half the deal. Structurally in a system businesses. Not this fair. She was structurally in a system where alternately she got to prove her worth in front of juries right in so what she would like the old boys had to deal with and so I recognize like coming from a business background. The what she's been able to do in law might be more. It's not like there aren't the same. Yeah drawn lines but was she was able to demonstrate her. Mid Twenties and indoor thirties is I can convince the jury better than the old white dude's better than the middle aged white women better than anybody. And therefore you're going to respect me and you know and so she's like one of the most lauded criminal prosecutors in the south but she took this hard headed approach like. I don't want to be seen as an outlier. I don't WanNa be seen as unusual. I just want to be seen as a good attorney and in that industry like you go perform and nobody can deny juries believe you well. I I actually think that is I and I realized you have one minute to tell the story of your sisters rise to success. So it's obviously going to be summarized but I think a lot of women in a variety of of professions where they are up against the same sort of situations come into it and they're like I'm not going to be perceived this I'm GonNa be. I mean that's what we are. We're doing that is stupid. Stand up this way and I'm going to build an and it is still not that easy stuff like you're not winning them all over and it isn't Ms Mazel and you know it's just so much more complicated than that and you do well. But it is incremental. Compared everybody'll like Yay exact like another another woman would have a another a person who may have been in your sister situation. A man who may have been in your situation would have already been you know who knows. I don't know what the I'm not saying that she's not back but I'm just saying that like I think what what yours talking. There is like an amazing situation and I think it is all of us all the time. Right now yeah yeah. Yeah yeah all right you guys. I'm curious to hear what you thought of the Harvey Weinstein Verdict And you know reach me on the social media is that we all hate has anyone I mean I guess. I didn't notice this on twitter. Whatever we has anyone been like. Wow they should've let that guy walk. I mean other than him and his team not that I've talked to even high profile case where there are some gadflies gone. There were some people who like convinced. Oj Wasn't guilty. Some no and we're no people no no no. The only thing was the verdict. Oh this is great. He's GonNa go to prison and then verses. This should have been more like he should have been convicted of the charge. Got What so. That was the range of reactions. It's bullshit he wasn't charged on more conviction on more things. Okay well. Let's move on to topic number three. The.

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