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Ways to reach her hair care to go into the weeds with me. It wouldn't be the first time. But i wanted to run the story by you and i haven't even gotten into it yet. But apparently over in larimer county. You have a school board director race going on and there are two candidates one is alexandra. Lessen the other is blake no mandates law. He actually appears on the ballot with a nickname. Now larimer county clerk and recorder angela. Meyer said well. I prefer not to have things like this on the ballot for me. It opens the watershed but colorado does allow candidates to use one nickname on a ballot correct. Yes that is correct. And so just like lamoure county. We do have that school district here in weld county and so we we do have that exact same to to candidates marian's yep it's it is. It is something that can happen. We can't contest what you say. You're your nickname is and what people know you by And so. That's that is on our ballots. This time around love it. What are your thoughts on that Yeah angela myers saying that the cheap heels. It's part of the law that needs a bit of tightening up now. And your absolute thank you for calibrating me on that carly too because Yeah laws name with the nickname once again. No his name is blake. No mandates law appears on the official ballot set out in larimer boulder and in weld county's. But do you think this is something that needs to be addressed. He i i would agree with my my my co quarter over and lerma county that i you know we probably should address this in the future You know kudos again for finding that loophole. But i definitely think that we we should probably address that in the future To to try and have it cleaned up in time. They'll just attach all right. Fair enough weld county clerk and recorder carly compass a pleasure as always. Thanks going down the rabbit hole with me just wanted to get your take on that this morning machine it. You know like i said you know. They're they're some of those little loopholes in you. Know kudos for him for a finding that and using and being creative Thinking outside of the box there and you know we always see something every election right gail everytime for sure. Yeah here's a brand new one for me. You gotta love it but bottom line bottom line is get those ballots in right yes get them south and police as soon as possible in two thousand nineteen. We ended up with a little over seventy five thousand ballots. So we're just at a nine thousand right now. We've got quite a bit. That are still out there and we would greatly appreciate it if you don't wait until the last minute because again on.

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