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More importantly, to prevent serious disease associated with Will the vaccine work much like a flu vaccine in that you get it, But it doesn't mean that you won't get the flu. Well, we don't know yet, And we don't know if the vaccine will actually work, and that's what the study is. Designed to test study itself will be a placebo controlled, blinded study and what that means is that 50% of the participants will get the vaccine. And 50% will not, and we'll get an injection with normal saline, and it's estimated partially 30,000 study participants will be enrolled into the study there several sites around the country. They're doing the trials. What's happening here in San Diego? Our goal at UCSD is to recruit 500 study participants who could be eligible. So the study is geared for people who are 18 years and older, but we would specifically like to recruit study participants who are at higher risk. For developing Koven, 19 and those people include individuals who were older than 65 years. People with underlying conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic pulmonary disease and asthma. We also are very interested in recruiting participants, who are from Minority groups. Particularly people of color and Felix populations, and I'm assuming they could not have had cove it to be eligible to do the vaccine right. So people who know that they have had covert 19 infection. Are not eligible for the study. Now People will not be screened for covert 19 prior to enrolling into the study. But it is possible that certain people who may have been a symptomatic And didn't know they had Copan, 19 could be enrolled into the study, and we would identify that subgroup by testing them for anti bythe the end for virus. How long will the testing go on Individuals will receive two dosages of the vaccine one on day One and one day 28 study again is designed to enroll 30,000 study participants, 15,000 who would receive the vaccine? And 15,000 who would receive Cibo and the study is designed to last for two years. They will be during the study were called to interim analyses and what that means is after there have been a certain number of people identified within the study. Have developed Cove in 19 illness. The statisticians who will be un blinded, and they will be the only people who will be looking at this will look to see if there is evidence that the vaccine has worked. Or there's evidence that the vaccine is not working. If there is no determination, the study will continue. So for two years. Does that mean that Moderna would not have approval for its vaccine until the study is over, and that's two years from now. That is possible. But it is also possible that within six months when there are sufficient end points and the statisticians look at the data, if they were to find that all the end points, all the people who go over 19 illness and disease were in the placebo group. And not in the vaccine group. They may have sufficient power to say that the vaccine is actually working, so it's very possible that the vaccine works well. Then at the interim analyses, the study would identify that the vaccine works. And then potentially, the vaccine could be licensed if the FDA approved so, Dr Specter. That of course, is when people are hoping for Yes, I think we're all hoping for that. Dr Steven Inspector professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego. If you're interested in taking part, go to the UCSD Medical School website or you can call 619543 80 89 619543 80 89 Up Next. We'll check in on the markets here today, whose time is 6 17 It's a great time to get a great.

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